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Excel Education Program - Values, Learning and Your Child

The Excel Education Program links three essential elements:
  • your child (central);
  • our values (and how they benefit your child); and
  • our approach to learning (and how this benefits your child)
Child: your child is a precious “gift”, whom you have entrusted to us. That’s why our relationship with you, and with your child, is a partnership and our role in the relationship is to love and develop your child within a culture of kindness.
When you choose Kindercare for your child, they’re joining a family where our relationship with them comes first. Your child will know they are loved; they’ll be treated with respect; and they’ll feel valued by care that acknowledges their individual interests, needs, strengths and how capable they are.
It’s a heart-centred approach to caring for your child, through gentle, unhurried interactions, giving your little one time to take in what’s happening around them, and prepare for what might happen next. This creates a peaceful, pleasurable experience for them as they engage with their teachers and surroundings according to their own rhythm. 
Values: Safe, Loved and Learning – these are Kindercare’s three over-arching values which encompass and align everything we do in building a relationship with your child to care for and educate them.   
Benefit: when your child feels safe and loved, they have trust in their relationship with us, so they’re ready to learn and to become “life-long” learners, who are able to reach their full potential.
Learning: your child will be treated with kindness, which is expressed in the gentle moments of care that happen throughout the day. Your child will be invited to participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, active play and quiet corners, space and freedom to move, time for conversations and cuddles, and a wide range of daily opportunities for sensory exploration and discovery. 
Benefit: because your young child is laying down patterns that will impact the rest of his/her life, their relationship with those who care for them, as well as how they are treated and responded to in the early years, is critical.
So your child benefits when they have a relationship with our teachers that’s built on strong connections that put your child first and is sensitive to your child’s cues. Then learning happens naturally, in a calm, predictable environment, that’s about fun and play-based experiences.

Our Childcare Journey

In 1972, a loving mother opened our first early childhood centre. Four decades on, we’re still family owned and the strength of those same family values, the warmth of familiarity and the meaningful personal connections are still distinctively at the heart of Kindercare. That’s the reason our centres feel like "home" to the children and families we love.

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What Parents are Saying...

Before making the decision to entrust your baby, toddler or preschool child to Kindercare, why not take some time to read what other parents think about the early childhood care and education we provide.

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