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What Parents Across the Country are Saying

"We are writing this email to express our sincere gratitude to all of Enoch’s teachers and all the supporting staff of Kindercare. Enoch has been in school for almost two weeks now. He enjoys his school life very much. He catches up quickly in class and starts to make new friends. It is hard to believe eight months ago, when he first came to New Zealand, he couldn’t understand and speak any English. The education he got in Kindercare gives him a wonderful start in this country. The love, care and supports he received in Kindercare are the best gifts he can get which will positively influence his future life.

We especially want to thank teachers of Preschool-4, Maharookh and Susan. They not only took good care of Enoch and taught him a lot of things but also gave us many very helpful advice. We benefit a lot from their expertise of early child education. Their love, care and patience reflect well on Enoch. Enoch loves Maharookh and Susan deeply. He often happily talks about them at home and misses them very much.

Maharookh kindly gave us a copy of all the photos she and Susan took of Enoch. Every time, when we look through these photos, seeing the big smile on Enoch’s face, we can’t help thinking how lucky he was to be surrounded by love and care. We are very glad to send Enoch to your centre."

Email sent by parents, Kate and Leo (Kindercare Constellation Drive)
"I just wanted to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all of the wonderful teachers and staff who have taken such great care of Kaitlyn over the past 4 years.

Kate has learned & developed so much thanks to your amazing team and she’s had a ton of fun along the way.
Next week she takes her first steps into a whole new world but I know the experiences & opportunities she has had at Kindercare will set her up to take on all the new challenges"

From a Thank You note sent by Kindercare parent, Karen
"We would like to express a HUGE thank you for all your hard work. I cannot tell you enough just how grateful and happy we are to leave Nate in your care. I know every first time parent would probably feel the same but you are such an amazing team of teachers and it shows!

Each time we walk in that door everyone says hello, Nate is picked up and cuddled and is just so happy there...what more could a parent ask for, that is a credit to all of you."

Excerpted from original letter from parent, Anneke
"Thank you so much for caring for Roisin over the past 3 years. We will be eternally grateful for the entire 6 years that Kindercare staff have looked after (and helped bring up!) all 3 of our daughters. They will have fond memories of you - you have had a huge impact on their lives.
What an important profession"

From a Thank You note by mum, Sheena (Kindercare Avonhead Road)
"Thank you for all the kindness to Chenyuan during the time she was at the centre. She has had a great time here and developed a lot from little baby to little kid. As her parents, we are so appreciate for the care from the ladies in Toddler Two, they are so patient and all love the kids from the bottom of hearts".

From Thank You note sent by parents Elvia & Feng (Kindercare Dannemora)

"Thank you Caroline for running & managing such a warm & friendly centre! From a parent's point of view, Kindercare has been such a great introduction for our Joseph to school. We really appreciate how you make our "little people" at Kindercare feel so welcome, its like a home away from home, play, fun & educational. Thank You!

From a Thank You card sent by parent Lisa (Kindercare Boulcott)
"As Christchurch is having its 2nd anniversary of 22/2 I thought it would be a good time to express how grateful and thankful we are to the teachers who made up the Fendalton Road centre at the time.

I had two children there on that day, one who was just a 9 month old baby, my other child was almost 5. It was so good and reassuring to know how cared for my children were until they could be collected.
We will always be thankful that our children were in the care and protection of such supportive and professional teachers- despite them having their own families to worry about.
Thank you so much"

Original letter from Christchurch parents Angela and Matt Lewis.

"It took Nevaeh a bit of time to settle in, and each time I dropped her off, I would always feel guilty hearing her cry down the corridor as I left. Trudy was nearly always there in the mornings when Nevaeh arrived at school so she was able to get used to a familiar face. As time went by and she got to know Trudy, she stopped crying and looked forward to going to school each day. She would be greeted with lots of hugs, and promises that I would be back to pic her up. Trudy was really helpful in assisting Nevaeh through the transition. To this day Nevaeh still hesitates when we turn up each morning, but Trudy always greets her with a big smile and a hug which is exactly what Nevaeh looks for. Within seconds Nevaeh is happy and hardly notices me walking out the door. 

We are really happy with what Nevaeh is learning at daycare. She is really quick to pick up new things at school and home. She likes to repeat everything she learns in conversation or through her actions. We regularly find ourselves pleasantly surprised, and in fits of laughter when she comes home with new ideas and sentences that she has learnt from daycare. She likes to sit back and observe, and sometimes does it without anyone realising that she is listening. It is not until she shares with everyone what she's learnt, that we realise her full potential. She is starting to grow into a very clever and bright little girl, and her teachers at Kindercare have definitely attributed to her learning in a big way"

Excerpted from original letter from parent, Deina (Kindercare Papatoetoe)

"All the staff are a true asset to Kindercare at Three Kings, providing the relationships that create a fun learning place and an emotionally supportive environment in my boy's room. The teachers showed a genuine interest and care of my boy.

My comments were always taken very seriously, and dealt with promptly and professionally. The support I received as a mother was priceless. The staff were always available and approachable. We saw amazing changes in Jacob.

School preparation for Jacob was fantastic. This made the transition fun and enjoyable for him as well as easy for me. Now Jacob can't wait to go to "his big, big boy's school".

Food - All children need regular healthy meals, snacks and fluids. I must say Kindercare has a very good healthy menu. It was a relief to know that during the week days Jacob spent at Kindercare, he only ate healthy meals. Thanks again to Liz who always provided my boy with the best food. He enjoyed almost everything that she prepared.

The portfolio with his art work, writing, identifying words and especially the Cherry.bytes certificates that came home, gave us insights into Jacob's nature when mum and dad were not around to coach and care. Thank you so much for your hard work.

We noticed how very hard all worked to keep it interesting and to provide lots of learning opportunities."

Excerpted from original letter from parent, Vivina Momoka
"I would like to take a moment to say a big thank you for the amazing work you do with the toddlers of Kindercare Burwood. Your loving natures, caring hearts and patient demeanours are an amazing credit to you and the centre. You should be very proud of the nurturing environment you have created.

I would like to offer a special thank you for the extra effort you have shown us in the mornings to help get my son settled and to help him with the transition of mummy leaving in the morning. As a parent it is difficult leaving your "baby", but knowing he is somewhere where he is loved and protected eases that separation anxiety.

Each day he tells me that he has "so much fun at preschool" and that is all thanks to you guys. You make him feel special and treat him as a unique individual. We really appreciate that."

Excerpted from original letter from parent, Rinea
"We have been so impressed with each and every one of the Kindercare teachers Mia has had and also with all the support we have had from the centre director.

To have Mia's last classroom experience at Kindercare be so wonderful yet again is a credit to Milford Kindercare and of course to Mia's inspirational pre-school teacher, who has made PS4 such a joy for her. Mia loves and respects her very much. She has been a wonderful teacher to Mia and has given her such a warm, generous and loving environment (not to mention her learning and writing advancement)."

Excerpted from original letter from parent, Debbie
"We have noticed a huge difference in our son since attending Kindercare. Everyday I pick him up he is really happy and content. He is learning so much, as well as having lots of fun. I think your staff are all amazing. They are always helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The service and care we are provided exceeds what we had before and we are so happy we have moved him.
As you know, we had a few issues at my son's last daycare. We had him wait-listed at another centre for near a year. Due to circumstances, we decided we couldn't leave our son where he was any longer and I called you again to see if you had a spot. A few days later you called to advise you had a spot due to cancellation. We decided to move him (maybe temporarily) until a space became available at the other centre - which it did - in February. I had waited a year to get him in there so was hesitant on letting my spot go. We made our decision to keep him at Kindercare because we are more than happy with the care he receives.
During, the first weeks, my son would still cry when I dropped him off in the morning. One particular morning when I dropped him off, he was quite upset. I was feeling guilty as we had just moved house and daycare within the same week and thought he may not be coping as well as we thought. I mentioned to his teacher that I will pop across the road to get some milk for him and will sneak back in so not to upset him again. She advised I could drop it off at the office if I wished. When I returned from the shop, his teacher was waiting for me by the office. I was quite surprised as I wondered if everything was OK. She said she was waiting especially for me to return to tell me that as soon as I left my son was fine and not to worry, he is OK. She must have seen that I was a bit upset that morning leaving him when he was so upset. I was put at ease immediately and felt so impressed that she cared enough to let me know he was OK. I am so thankful for what she did"

Excerpted from original letter from parent, Sharron

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"Recently my daughter Rebecca finished up at your Greenlane East Branch and started year one at Saint Kentigern School for Girls. Rebecca was ready to move on. Actually though she is still 4 years old (Not until May does she turn 5) she was prepared for school. Her questions to me before starting school were mature beyond her age. "Daddy what if they ask me questions I can't answer", "Am I expected to know how to do everything?" This was obviously a child that wanted to do well and wanted her family to be proud of her. I am. And much more of this loving, caring and knowledge seeking I put down to your Kindercare environment.

As you are aware my company has been involved with Kindercare for many, many years. I have personally visited all your sites many times. I have always been so impressed by the quality of your systems and the personal involvement of your staff so when Rebecca was due to attend preschool your company was the only option I considered. The only choice was which one?

Being hands on as a "customer" I have to say your company has exceeded my expectations. Rebecca has been so happy and has advanced so well. She is now a fully grounded and rounded child prepared to meet the challenges ahead. I never quite understood the magnitude of the importance of establishing the correct skills, physically, mentally and emotionally in the early years. Kindercare, through parent/teacher meetings and regular reports explained it all clearly.

In short, I'm so pleased with our decision to send Becky to your establishment and it has been sad to leave but happy as she is moving on in a positive, fully equipped way."

Excerpted from original letter from parent, Brett Webster

"Thank you so much for giving me the confidence in Childcare again.
My child has had such a wonderful time in your care and I know you say you were only doing your job, but you have done so much more for me. No doubt Kindecare will be the only option for me from now on (and to all I know)."

Excerpted from original letter from parent, Sarin
"My daughter started at Kindercare Central Park Drive in August 2009. She was not quite 6 months old at this time and I am sure you can understand as first time parents we were a little apprehensive about leaving our daughter at daycare, however from a financial perspective we did not have a choice. The teachers in the babies room made us feel so comfortable and welcome that although the first day was hard, from there on in we have had no worries about Kaylah being in daycare. I walk out in the morning after having dropped Kaylah off knowing that she will be well cared for and loved. The teachers are so passionate about the children and make you feel like your child is special and precious to them which make it much easier to go to work!

I never thought that I would say that my 7month old loves daycare but she truly does and I think that is a credit to the teachers and the time and energy they put into the children. I imagine it is a hard job, rewarding but tough and we truly thank them for all the time and energy they put into our daughter."  

Excerpted from original email from parent, Heidi

"I am one of the parents who take my children to the Greville Road Kindercare.

I feel compelled to email how thoroughly happy I am with the amazing staff that you have at Greville Road and I feel so very lucky to have my children in such a fabulous environment.

The receptionist and centre director are simply AMAZING, they are always so very helpful and accommodating - they always try to find a resolve for anything that comes their way - they are extremely pleasant and unbelievably delightful. They are a true breath of fresh air especially when arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon - two lovely incredible ladies who I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with.

The ladies who take care of my youngest child in the babies room, are absolutely divine and when I drop my son off I feel relieved that he is in such good care with this wonderful group of ladies, I actually could not ask for better circumstances.

I have not got to know all of the teachers in my son's pre-school room but his teacher is the one who I have had most dealings with and she too is a wonderful lady who I have enjoyed communicating with."

Excerpted from original email from parent, Lisa Levy-Wales

"Deciding on childcare was a big decision as neither of us had attended one. We realised that what we wanted from our childcare was an environment where we were confident that our children were getting equal if not better care than we could provide at home. We wanted to know that the people looking after our kids were as happy to do so as we were. We specifically asked people in the childcare industry who they would work for, and the reply was Kindercare. Kindercare support their staff well and as a result the environment they provide is not only stimulating but well organised and professional. The standards maintained at Kindercare are the standards we want to have in our home and our young children are being taught values that help them reach their potential to be caring, curious and self sufficient. We acknowledge that no matter how good the facilities are (and Kindercare is extremely good) it is the experience, passion and dedication of the Kindercare team that makes the real difference.

That is why we chose Kindercare for our children and happily recommend them to others."

From parent, Penny Anderson

"My daughter, Georgia, has been enrolled at your centre since October this year. As I'm sure is the case with most parents, we were very anxious at leaving our little one in care for the first time. We had explored a number of different options from other centres, [from] in-home based childcare to a dedicated nanny for Georgia in our home. To cut a long story short, it wasn't until I visited Kindercare [centre] that I thought I had found a suitable solution for our childcare needs. My impression from my first visit was that the centre had a very nice feel to it and that it would be a good environment for our daughter.

Since Georgia has been enrolled with you, that initial feeling has been constantly reinforced and we are really delighted with our experience at Kindercare. Every impression we have gained is of a very well organised, clean, friendly and caring environment. The staff that work in the small babies room are excellent and we really enjoy our interactions with [them]. They strike us as being very caring, professional, warm and kind people. Georgia settled in very happily thanks to their efforts and doesn't even give us a backward glance when we leave her for the day!

We'd like to extend a big thank you to you [Centre Director] and your team for making this transition such an easy and pleasant experience for both ourselves and Georgia. We would certainly recommend Kindercare to friends and colleagues as a fantastic environment."

Excerpted from Original letter



"Mia has had so much fun and such wonderful learning experiences in the last year (and during her whole time at Kindercare) and really, I just wanted to send an email to say thank you to all the staff at Milford Babies who have cared for Mia and also to thank all the non teaching staff and relievers etc for making her time there so enjoyable.

I also really appreciate the friendliness of all the staff in taking the time to talk to me and keep me updated on what is happening in the room and what Mia and Kacey have been up to that day. It makes me feel secure and confident in leaving my children in daycare and helps me to get excited about what is happening there and what experiences the children are having day to day or week to week and share that excitement with them."

Excerpted from original email from parent, Debbie Nelson



"Both our boys have recently moved rooms, and my husband and I have been reflecting on the quality of staff at the centre. We would like to congratulate you on the wonderful people that are working there. We so appreciate the caring professional, and nurturing environment that these teachers provide for our kids. Well done on creating such a wonderful environment that attracts and retains this quality of teachers."

Excerpted from original email from parents, Suneela and Baruch

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