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What You Need to Know

Toddler Development

Whether you are considering placing your toddler in childcare for the first time, or whether you are looking at alternatives to your current arrangement, it helps to know as much as possible, so that you can make an informed decision. And when it comes to your precious toddler, you want peace of mind that when they’re not with you, they are in loving, safe, experienced and trusted hands.

Useful Information

Transition visits: before your toddler starts at Kindercare, we advise planning some shorter transition visits before the start of your official enrolment. This will give you, and your toddler, time to become a little more familiar with the environment and to cope with short periods of separation first, before you leave them for a longer session, or for the day. So spend some time in the room with them, having fun. Then, the next time, pop out for a coffee and leave them for a short period of time. Then leave them a little longer the next time so they are gradually becoming accustomed to not having you there, but knowing that they are safe, loved and that you will always return for them.
When it is time for your toddler to move up from our Babies Room, we will let you know before this happens and transition them gradually into the Toddlers Room. They will have a few visits to the Toddlers Room, so that they can spend some time there, getting to know the new faces and activities, before they move up permanently.
Toilet training: Kindercare has no hard and fast rule about exactly what age children should be toilet trained, because we know that these little ones develop at their own unique pace. This means that they are ready for toilet training at different ages. We will work with families to initiate this when it is appropriate for your child. Our teachers are happy to share with you how we do this in the centres, so that you are informed and part of the process and should you wish to adopt a similar approach at home. We do encourage children to be toilet trained prior to leaving the Toddlers Room.   


Meals: Kindercare provides a cooked midday meal, with a generous serving of a wide variety of vegetables.
We also provide a healthy and varied mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.
Nappies: we do not supply nappies so please send along what your child will need for the day.

Our Childcare Journey

In 1972, a loving mother opened our first early childhood centre. Four decades on, we’re still family owned and the strength of those same family values, the warmth of familiarity and the meaningful personal connections are still distinctively at the heart of Kindercare. That’s the reason our centres feel like "home" to the children and families we love.

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What Parents are Saying...

Before making the decision to entrust your baby, toddler or preschool child to Kindercare, why not take some time to read what other parents think about the early childhood care and education we provide.

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