Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our whakataukī

Our Values

Your child is precious, and their early childhood years are a time to cherish. That’s why when you entrust your baby, toddler or preschool child to Kindercare we're committed to keeping them Safe, Loved and Learning.
Our eight core values provide a strong foundation on which our service is built - giving us direction, alignment and motivation to continually strive for excellence in the care and education of your child, and in our partnership with you, their family.

  • Caring – to provide for; to lovingly watch over
  • Safety – to provide security; to protect
  • Learning – to gain knowledge of
  • Belonging – to be a part of; to be connected with
  • Self Esteem – to feel valuable; to feel confident in
  • Trust – to believe in; to have confidence in
  • Happiness – to feel contentment; to be satisfied
  • Personal Development - to grow; to realise one's potential