What Makes Us Exceptional?

Kindergarten Exceptional

To be exceptional is to be “remarkable, extraordinary, unique and very special”. A high standard to set?
Yes, but when you believe, as Kindercare does, that every baby, toddler and preschooler is “remarkable, extraordinary, unique and very special” – you know that “being exceptional” is essential for us to succeed in developing each child’s full potential.

So, why is Kindercare an exceptional place for your child’s early childhood care and education?

  • No matter what age you entrust your child to our Kindercare family, you’ll find that gentle, unhurried interactions with children not only build strong, loving attachments, they also ensure that the care is respectful and responsive to your child.
  • Growth, development and learning begin at birth which is why focusing on your child’s social and emotional development as well as our Foundation Skills program run through each stage of development, from birth to preschool, incorporating activities that lay down those essential foundations that benefit your little one by giving them the best opportunity to succeed in life and in future formal education.
  • Parent partnership is key to exceptional care and education, because it links home and centre life. Your connection and communication is how we learn about your child. With this knowledge, and spending time with your little one, we notice what they are doing during the day, recognise their interests, strengths and needs, and then respond to keep them safe and ensure they have a sense of belonging.

Spending the day with your little one is a gift; it’s filled with opportunities to have fun; and it’s a privilege to be able to celebrate their amazing milestones and keep them Safe, Loved and Learning.  

Our Philosophy

Our childcare philosophy is simple: Because Children Matter. What your child enjoys, what interests them, how they respond to people and the world – all this is unique to your child and that matters enormously to us. Children are incredibly capable, which is why Kindercare provides care and early education that values, appreciates and respects each child and focuses on developing their full potential, in an environment of love. When you entrust your precious child to our care, we choose to work with you, to listen to you and align centre life with your home life as closely as possible, to create the best environment for your child – that’s partnership.