Blog Articles in 2019

The quest for nature - creating meaning and memories

Posted at December 4, 2019

Our tamariki are on a quest to learn about their world and make sense of it. These are the tasks of their early years, and nature is the ultimate setting in which to do so. Unhurried, unstructured time outdoors lets our tamariki learn about the world…

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Boredom is not a crisis

Posted at October 30, 2019

The ‘novelty bug’ can be an addictive thing. We get so used to offering our tamariki new experiences, new toys, new outings, that seeking ‘new’ becomes our default setting. And our children get used to it, and it becomes what they expect.

Sometimes …

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Presence and the beauty of balance - the time with, and without, us.

Posted at September 18, 2019

There is a difference between being with our child, and being fully WITH them. One is about being in proximity, and the other is being present - tuned in and focused on them, and only them. The first tends to come easily, and it does have its value. …

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