Blog Articles in 2021

Looking through a maths lens

Posted at December 3, 2021

Maths in the early years - creating learning and learners

amariki are immersed in the world of mathematics, right from their earliest days. It isn't just a school subject that comes later, but something naturally woven into their everyday experiences…

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Does your play-hungry child have access to a play-full space?

Posted at October 29, 2021

Supporting children’s urges and play-patterns

Our homes can be play-havens for tamariki if we understand and allow for their innate play urges. Play is special enough, but when we realise that there are patterns in how all tamariki play, we can see …

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Will you be my friend?

Posted at October 1, 2021

Supporting children through bumps in the relationship road

For young children, friendship is a source of joy, connection, and belonging. It is also the source of significant learning during these early years.

Acquiring friendship skills is a bit l…

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Kids in the Kitchen - Hummus

Posted at September 8, 2021

Kids in the Kitchen— supporting children to be actively involved in bringing nutrition to life while developing a healthy relationship with food.

At Kindercare we believe that healthy eating can be super easy and fun, and that's why we support tama…

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