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Learning through play

Posted at October 1, 2021

Learning to be the thinker and tinkerer of tomorrow.

Play comes naturally to tamariki - right from our tiniest babies first discovering their hands, to our toddlers pottering about and transporting their ‘treasures’, immersed in their imagination. I…

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Imagination can take you anywhere!

Posted at October 1, 2021

Children and imagination are two words that partner beautifully. Playing and imagining are exactly what tamariki are born to do. We did it ourselves, and we delight in the imagination of our wee ones as it is familiar and just ‘feels right’. We also …

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Give them time to dine

Posted at April 16, 2021

Don’t Rush, Slow Down. Quality is better than Quick.

It is so tempting to pack our weekends full for our whānau. But after a full week, a full-on weekend can leave everyone feeling rattled rather than revitalised and ready for the week ahead. If we…

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Growing their word bank

Posted at March 16, 2021

The words we serve up to our children are the words they soak in. The ‘health’ of their word bank will depend entirely on what they are consuming. If they are surrounded only by simple, uninspired language they will learn to only communicate, and exp…

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Camping with Children and Family Friends – What to know before you go.

Posted at December 21, 2020

Summer camping in Aotearoa, when done right, can be a ton of fun. It creates great memories for children and is one of the best ways to spend time together as a family or with family friends. 

For the last four years, my husband and I have joined so…

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