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Nature - where simple is still marvellous!

Posted at November 9, 2020

Papatūānuku offers the perfect playground for tamariki— for their bodies, their mind, senses, imagination and hearts. Nature, exactly as is, is full of possibilities. Children instinctively know this, and long to be outdoors. We just need to follow t…

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It’s Time to Check Your Car Seat— Has It Expired?

Posted at October 7, 2020

Did you know that children’s car seats have an expiration date? If you haven’t done a check recently, now is a good time to pull it out and ensure it’s still safe to use. We have partnered with Sit Tight this month to help you do just that, in a way …

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Nurturing the love of reading, because reading is worthwhile!

Posted at September 11, 2020

There’s nothing more satisfying than snuggling up together with your child and a good book. Spending one on one time reading with your child on a regular basis sends an important message— that reading is worthwhile! Reading books aloud to children fr…

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Tomato chickpeas with quinoa rice ( Serves 4-6 )

Posted at August 21, 2020


Kindercare is big on children having a positive relationship with real food and that mealtimes are an enriching and joyful experience.

This is one of the many nutritious meals we serve our tamariki, in partnership with Nourished Beginnings. Packe…

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Using words that build them up

Posted at July 10, 2020

Sometimes adults forget little ears are present and vent to another person about the child in our company. Perhaps we are trying to get some of these negative feelings off our chest. However, when those words leave our mouth and are off our chest, th…

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