Nutrition and Wellbeing

Healthy Meals for Children

Nourished Beginnings

We want children to understand that healthy food is real food; it’s simple, delicious, nourishing for their bodies and that meal times are a joyful experience – so making the right choices will help them feel good and be healthy.

In January 2017, fourteen Kindercare centres teamed up with Nourished Beginnings to work on a pilot project, evaluating and enhancing our menu. Why? Because we recognise how important food and nutrition is in every child’s healthy growth and development.

This partnership included refreshing our menu, and introducing new and exciting options, based on the principle of “Whole Foods,” that meet the specific requirements of paediatric nutrition. They also provided creative resources and professional development for our team, to support them on a new learning journey about how making simple changes can enable us to continue serving meals that provide optimal nourishment. When families entrust their children to us, they know we’re providing a varied, tasty and nutritionally balanced vegetarian menu.

Nourished Beginnings mission is to provide quality food education and training to families and early childhood centres that will enable children to grow into healthy adults, with strong food values, and with a healthy relationship to food, for life.
For more information: Nourished Beginnings

Storybook Yoga

Kindercare has introduced Storybook Yoga into our centres, because children’s yoga encourages a peaceful mind and a strong, healthy, flexible body; it nurtures a child’s spirit, imagination and can help to balance children’s energy levels. Story Yoga is non-competitive, fostering a sense of community, mindfulness and respect for others, without promoting any religious or spiritual beliefs. The focus is on children learning shared values such as kindness, caring, honesty, listening well and being helpful. And the best reason to do Story Yoga? It’s hugely fun!

Childrens Yoga

Our team have attended professional development workshops to enable them to effectively incorporate Storybook Yoga into our curriculum. This professional development has also given them the all-important understanding of how it benefits children by combining listening to stories and sensory integration.

“Just as stories nourish the soul, movement is vital for a healthy body, emotional well-being and key to optimal learning. And what better form of holistic learning for children than to listen to a story and process it in a multi-sensory way, shaping their bodies to express the actions, characters and settings, and using their voices to collectively cite lines and express sounds in the story?”  Michaela Sangl, Director of Yogi Kids

Storybook Yoga provides a fun framework for holistic learning, offering opportunities for movement songs, breath awareness and “quiet time” relaxation.

For more information: Yogi Kids


Ensuring that your child has the space and opportunity to move every day is critical for their brain development. That’s why active moment is incorporated into Kindercare’s program, at each stage of development. It’s also the reason we’ve chosen to partner with Sports4Tots.

Childrens Health

Sports4tots visit some Kindercare centres each week during school terms, to provide fun-filled sessions for preschool children, aged between 2 – 5 years old.

Nutrition for Children

If you choose to enrol your child for this parent-paid activity, they’ll have the opportunity to learn fundamental sports skills, coordination, balance and the value of play in a positive team environment.

For more information: Sports4Tots

Moving Smart

Did you know that not only is play and physical development at the heart of childhood, its critical to a child’s healthy cognitive growth and readiness for learning? According to Gill Connell, founder of “Moving Smart”: “a moving child is a learning child”. Every movement therefore, whether it be intentional or accidental, involves new learning for the child and the brain.

Sport for Preschoolers

Kindercare’s affiliation with Moving Smart is the result of our decision to ensure our team have the skills, knowledge, and resources to provide an environment, and regular opportunities and activities throughout each day, for children to move freely. Moving Smart work with us, in our centre teams, role modelling and explaining the “move-to-learn” process, and running professional development workshops for our teachers and parents.

Childrens Nutrition

Moving Smart have shaped and guided the implementation of Kindercare’s active movement program so that at each stage of development, from babies through to preschoolers, it reflects how the body teaches the brain. This enables us to create an environment where active movement facilitates learning and recognises that all skills have their foundation in movement. This is integral to helping your child reach their full potential.

Sport for Children
For more information: Moving Smart