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Creative, fun-filled learning - including ‘Transition to School’ program for 4yr olds. 

Kindercare Upper Hutt

  • Kindercare Upper Hutt Childcare Centre

Centre Contact Details

51 Whakatiki Street, Trentham
Upper Hutt, Wellington, 5018

Phone: 04 527 0499


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Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm

Looking for safe loving childcare in Upper Hutt? 

You’ll find it at Kindercare in Upper Hutt, where every day begins and ends with loving care in a relaxed, homely environment. Our passionate, experienced team, led by our Centre Director, Julia Dixon, will gently guide your little one as they grow and learn through play, while making friends and just enjoying the fun of being a child.  

Chat to us about our range of enrolment options, including full day, part time and sessional care. At our childcare centre, we believe in supporting your whānau, with your individual needs and unique aspirations you have for your child. We hope you’ll feel welcome from the moment you come in. We are conveniently located for families in Upper Hutt, Silverstream, Wallaceville, Elderslea, Maidstone, Ebdentown, Riverstone, and Trentham.

About our childcare centre

Hours of fun and learning 

Open daily throughout the year, (except for weekends and statutory holidays) 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday 

Age group of tamariki we cherish 

Transition to School 


Our Kindercare whānau want the best for your child, which is the reason why we don’t compromise on how we provide care and education that is safe, loving and fun. Our team works hard to ensure your whānau receives the highest standard of care for your weekly fee. This includes:   

  • a generous annual leave allowance 
  • a nutritious midday meal, prepared fresh at thecentredaily – so you won’t need to pack kai 
  • healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks to fuel your child’s play and learning 
  • our Positive Parenting program – offering tips, advice and support for everywhānau

And, as we appreciate that every child has different needs, we ask you to please supply your child’s own bottles, formula and nappies for each day.  


We want to ensure that you have all the information you need to help you make the best decision for your child’s care. So, if you would like to know more about our fees, enrolment schedules or space availability, please chat to us. We’re happy to talk through any questions you have, and listen so we understand how best we can partner with you. 

What’s the first step?

We warmly invite you to pop in for a visit when it works for you. Or, simply call us to set up a time. We’d love the opportunity to meet you and your little one, and show you our exciting, creative play spaces where your child will be kept safe, loved and learning. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing how we can best support your whānau at Kindercare in Upper Hutt. 

Why choose our centre?

Providing safe, loving care and learning since 2011, our daycare is designed to care for your child from infancy until they are ready for primary school. Your child will be cared for alongside tamariki of a similar age and stage of development, in beautiful, peaceful play and learning areas – both indoors and outside  

If you’re looking for nurturing care, creative learning and social opportunities best suited for your child’s individual needs, you’ll find it at our early childhood centre. Each fun-filled environment is intentionally planned to provide a heart-centred approach to your child’s care and learning. 

And through our strong, supportive relationship with your whānau, you and your child will feel ‘at home’ at our centre and your child will feel cherished.

Our care and learning 

At our childcare centre, you’ll discover a warm, fun-loving team who are committed to providing the best for your child during their early years, ensuring they experience joy, happiness and a love of learning.   

We encourage curiosity and enhance learning naturally through real-life educational experiences. Through our strong partnerships with the community, we enjoy bringing education to life through visits from firefighters, police, ambulance teams and more.  

We also see our relationships with the local primary schools as beneficial to supporting your child with a smoother transition into school. Your preschooler will have fun, informative visits to the local primary schools, to familiarise them with their future educational environment. For your child, these visits help to guide them and develop their confidence, ensuring they feel more prepared as they approach that next big milestone. 

Throughout the day, we weave meaningful rituals into the day. This supports a peaceful environment and encourages special moments of engagement through the day. For example, at meal times – a ritual creates an opportunity for our Kaiako to engage with the tamariki to teach them about healthy eating, the social benefits of sharing a meal, and developing their independence by serving themselves through the use of eating utensils. Sharing morning and afternoon snacks and a midday meal also provide regular opportunities for conversations – talking and listening to each other 

Your partnership matters to us. It’s how we can ensure you are sharing in your child’s achievements, and that we create ongoing opportunities for whānau to choose to participate in, and contribute to, centre life. Because together, we can help your child reach their full potential.   

Kiwi Room (babies room) 

We believe every baby should feel cherished through respectful, loving care and be given daily opportunities to explore in a safe, homely environment. So in our babies’ room, we are committed to building a strong relationship with both you and your baby. We want to learn more about your infant, your culture and your aspirations for their care, so that as far as possible, we can follow your baby’s home routine, and be responsive to their unique needs and cues 

Your peace of mind that your treasured little one is receiving one-on-one attention and lots of cuddles through the day matters to us. It’s important that when you leave them with us, you can trust that they will spend their day safely exploring, making discoveries in our sensory rich environment, be involved in group mat times and enjoy freedom to move and play in an outdoor space that is intentionally planned and resourced for their physical growth and stage of development. 

Tūī Room (toddlers room) 

From the boundless energy to the growing independence, we understand how busy your little toddler is. That’s why they’ll fit right in, in this room. Offering a relaxed, predictable environment, our care begins with ensuring your child feels safe, loved and a sense of belonging. This gives them the security they need to explore and learn through play, at their own pace 

Your toddler will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of fun-filled learning activities, from messy play to outdoor exploration in our playground, enhanced by beautiful trees. Our team will observe your little one – noticing their interests and strengths and then ensuring they create opportunities to extend your child’s physical, language, sensory and social development, while experiencing the joy of learning and discovery. And because it’s around this stage of development that your child will begin toilet training, we work with you, and at your child’s pace, to support this is a relaxed and encouraging way.   

Pūkeko and Takahē Rooms (preschool rooms) 

Your preschooler will learn best when they are interested, having fun and feeling supported in their play. So, that’s what we offer in our creative, innovative preschool rooms. Just as we did in our toddler and baby rooms, we continue to make time to observe and identify your child’s favourite activities and interests, so that we can expand on these through a variety of engaging learning and development opportunities.  

We create a place where your little one will look forward to spending their days, with indoor and outdoor activities that include one-on-one experiences, as well as small and larger group activities. Your preschooler will also be encouraged to participate in a number of fun-filled programs that introduce early literacy and numeracy, as well as building their social and emotional competencies (You Can Do It program) and using technology as another learning tool. And then there are the special days which the tamariki love, like visits by the community Library Bus! 

Our daily mat times provide great opportunities for your little one to contribute to conversations, negotiate ideas, explore and build friendships in a familiar group setting. As their parent, we want you to know that we are here to cherish and support your child in all areas, particularly as they continue learning how to manage emotions and navigate their way through a variety of social situations.  

Kōtuku Room (transition to school room) 

Moving on from early childhood to primary school is a big step in your child’s journey. That’s why we offer a Transition to School Room: to support a smooth transition for your child, through loving care and fun-filled learning.  

At this exciting developmental stage, you’ll find our curriculum and skilled Kaiako continue to work with your child’s strengths and interests, as they integrate early literacy and numeracy activities and skills through programs like Letterland and our home reading program. They’ll also become more familiar with the schooling environment through planned experiences like our ‘lunch box days’. This is helpful to your preschooler as they learn how to manage and unwrap a packed lunch from Kindercare, as well as make healthy choices about meals 

It’s our way of giving your child the confidence and support they need to take that next big step into primary school.   

Hoiho Room (sessional care) 

We offer three sessional care options for 3 – 5 year old tamariki: 

8am – 12pm 

9am – 3pm 

12.30pm – 4.30pm 

Whatever session works best for your child and whānau, your child will thrive in the loving care of outstanding qualified and registered Kaiako 

Our relaxed environment will nuture your preschool child’s social skills through a range of social interactions, as well as one-on-one care. As the parent, we recognise how critical our partnership is with you, which includes hearing your aspirations for your child and involving you in the development of your child’s learning, school readiness, and overall development. That’s why we use Educa to capture and share your child’s learning journey with you, through group and individual learning stories, which are based on your child’s interests. 

Our overall programme includes:   

  • Letterland – early literacy programme 
  • You Can Do It  our innovative Social Emotional Development programme 
  • Cherry.bytes – fun-filled weekly session on a Friday, where technology is used safely and creatively as a tool of learning  
  • Yoga Storybook (Mondays) 
  • Home reading programme (from 4½yrs onwards) 
  • Daily updates on Educa (online message board, group stories and individual portfolios) 
  • Toilet training – this is undertaken in partnership with whānau, when your child is ready 
  • Nutritious morning and afternoon teas 

Our world of outdoor play 

Surrounded by lush mature trees and natural shade, you’ll find our outdoor play/learning areas resemble stunning park reserves. 

Movement is at the very heart of your child’s intellectual, social and physical development. For this reason, we’re proud to offer safe, expansive outdoor spaces where your child can play, explore, discover, experiment and make friends through physical activity. These natural, park-like areas not only support your little one’s growth and learning, but also their transition into the next age group environment. 

A little about our team

We understand that deciding who to trust with the care of your child is a big step. That’s why we want to reassure you that our experienced, dedicated team are committed to keeping your child safe, loved and learning - while having heaps of fun in our culture of kindness 

Passionate and actively engaged in early childhood care and learning, our team work closely with you to ensure your child is cherished by care and education that’s responsive to their individual needs. 

At our childcare centre, we look forward to forming a strong and meaningful relationship with you and your little one, so they’ll thrive in our care.  

You’re invited…

I’m passionate about providing the very best outcomes for your precious child, while in our care. I really enjoy watching the growth and development of each child, and how they acquire new skills - whether that be taking their first step or mastering a tricky puzzle that they've spent a lot of time trying to complete. 

What I find so rewarding are those times when I'm out in our community, and I see or hear about the tamariki who I have cared for and educated. It's that ‘knowing that my team and I have played a part in that child's life and their early development that is such a privilege   

This is such an amazing time in your little one’s life. And my team and I are honoured to be able to share it with you. 

With love