Preschool - Early Childhood Care

Your preschool child will thrive on care and education that supports their energy for learning, fun, and discovering their own abilities.  At this age, their enquiring minds and hunger for new experiences and concepts makes it so important that you choose childcare where your child’s development and education is fun-filled, offers choices and is based on learning through play.
Our experienced team recognise that your little one is at an age of self-expression, so providing a creative, respectful, imaginative, positive environment, will support them in developing their own identity, and confidence in their ability to lead and make themselves heard.
At Kindercare, you’ll discover a loving, familiar environment where interactions are affectionate and intentional, where your child is noticed, recognised regularly throughout the day and responded to individually. As an important member of our “Kindercare family”, your child will be well prepared for their transition to school, and gain daily benefit from:

  • An early childhood environment that encourages them to develop a perception of themselves as capable explorers, who are able to make discoveries, learn about the world and themselves and ultimately, become life-long learners.
  • Opportunities and a flexible environment in which your preschooler feels respected and that what he/she has to say matters. This is beneficial in supporting them to develop a positive attitude towards learning and communication, and gives them the confidence to present their ideas and experiences through their play.
  • Incorporating real life learning experiences for older preschoolers by going on excursions to extend their research and enquiry-based learning about the current classroom focus. Your child will be lovingly encouraged to e.g. participate at mat time which may involve activities such as recalling events, re-telling a story and sharing his/her opinion. This is so important for their sense of self-worth and growing self-esteem.
  • A wide range of early education opportunities for your preschooler to participate in project work, and to develop their investigative and research skills. Your child will be introduced to a range of strategies to explore, be encouraged to try something new, take risks, make mistakes, learn through trial and error, ask questions, make predictions and gain an understanding of how ideas can be expressed in symbols, language and pictures. Their individual interests will be encouraged, and as this grows, so does his/her curiosity and the benefit to your little one is that they seek more information and this extends their knowledge of the world.
  • Early care and education that recognises the importance of social and emotional development in the preschool years and helping your child develop fundamental skills for life. These include emotional resilience; building relationships; being self-aware and socially aware; being able to express emotions and feelings appropriately and the security of knowing that their feelings are real.
  • Affectionate, loving close relationships that are based on trust, the joy in having fun together, and a real knowledge and understanding of your child.

Features of our Preschool Program

Letterland is a multi-sensory way of teaching your preschool child (3 and 4 year olds) early emergent reading and writing skills. It is an imaginary land, full of fun and interesting characters (letters of the alphabet) that teaches children, phonetically, and with songs, about the correct sounds and the correct letter formation, while simultaneously fostering a love of language and books.

You Can Do It
Your child will be introduced to this program at this age because preschoolers have more of an understanding of what it means to be organised, they have a greater developed sense of empathy and they have greater control over their emotions, their actions and understanding consequences.
The You Can Do It program supports your preschooler’s social and emotional development. Children are introduced to puppet characters that teach them skills such as resilience, confidence, persistence etc. It’s fun and easy for the children to relate to.

Transition to School Program
The move from preschool to primary school is a milestone in your child’s life and the transition is so much smoother when they are well prepared for this step. Our Transition to School program for your 4½ year old child includes the following focus areas:

  • Early literacy: this is a priority and includes a Home Reading program, which is the use of small take-home books for you to read with your child.
  • Science and numeracy: your child will be introduced to a range of basic science and mathematical concepts through discovery, play and enjoyment.
  • Ongoing inclusion of the creative arts: this includes dance, music, drama and visual arts.
  • Project work: this allows your preschooler to pose questions, solve problems, develop social skills through working with others, learn how to plan and increase their awareness of the world around them.
  • The School Connection: this includes visits to the new entrant classrooms to familiarise your preschooler with the school experience.
  • School Bag / Lunch box days: a fun aspect of the program where your child enjoys a packed lunch, at Kindercare, so they get used to eating this type of meal and gain the necessary skills to open packets/wrappers independently.
  • Transition to School reports: these keep you informed about your child’s preparation for school.