We understand that infants need regular, gentle moments of care throughout the day. From the very moment your baby enters our care, we hold each milestone close to our hearts. Our team is committed to providing a nurturing environment that fosters strong connections, trust, and loving relationships.

Here’s what life at our centre might look like for your pēpi, or infant:

  • Kaiako working in partnership with whānau to align your child’s rhythms and rituals at the center with your family’s home life.
  • Our team practice a form of primary caregiving, a nurturing approach that allows us to provide individualised attention to each child.
  • Uninterrupted, unhurried moments for your child to explore and learn throughout their day.
  • Plenty of sensory interactions with a rich blend of experiences to taste, touch, feel, and see, igniting curiosity and creativity.
  • A learning environment that is centered around movement because we know that all learning begins with movement.
  • Routine care moments that celebrate relationships, connection, enthusiasm, and aroha.

Let’s embrace and cherish every moment of your baby's
extraordinary learning journey together.

Frequently asked questions

We work closely with parents and home routines so that your baby is able to have their regular sleeps without totally disrupting any established routines that you have in place. You will find that once settled, even the littlest babies sleep soundly for extended periods, while in our care. Our open sleeping arrangements mean that there is always someone to watch your baby, and that when they awaken Kaiako can respond quickly to them with a reassuring cuddle. 

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