We believe children should have a healthy relationship with food as soon as they start eating solids. We want tamariki to understand that healthy food is real food that is simple, delicious, and nourishing for their bodies. Our approach to nutrition supports our belief, that kai is eaten as close to its natural state as possible, keeping the focus on whole food.  We are thoughtful about where our food comes from, how it arrives on our plate, and what happens in between.  We are intentional about enjoying food while appreciating rituals and understanding the nourishment it gives our tinana (our body). Kai is served to tamariki at our centre based on a whole food vegetarian menu, with dairy, eggs and plant-based proteins including legumes- all made with love onsite by our kai creators.

Kindercare teaches children that simple food are delicious Simplistic
Eating well does not have to be hard or stressful. More often than not, the most delicious food is that which is prepared simply, as close to its natural state as possible.
Kindercare teaches children that food is essential Nourishing
The most basic principle of eating is to nourish our bodies. With the body and mind of a child constantly changing, growing, and developing, the demand for nutrient dense food is essential.
Kindercare teaches children to make healthy food choices Educational
Making healthy food choices is a learned behaviour. At Kindercare, we have a fantastic opportunity to teach children about what they are putting into their bodies and to encourage them to try different foods.
Kindercare meals promote joyful and colourful experience Joyful
Eating should be a joyful and colourful experience so that children grow to have a positive relationship with food. Teaching tamariki to ‘eat the colours of the rainbow’ will encourage good food choices and a balanced diet.


Whole food is real food.

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