Finding the right care and early learning program is crucial to supporting inquisitive and active toddlers. We start with care, recognising that it builds trust in us. We get to know them and envelop them in plenty of loving cuddles, so they feel settled in our nurturing care. That’s when they’re ready to learn.

We believe learning happens in an environment that encourages their natural curiosity, supports their social and emotional development, and provides the space for independent exploration. Throughout your child’s day, they’ll have fun enjoying a mix of group time, individual time, free time, and sensory-rich experiences.

Here’s what life at our centre might look like for your energetic toddler:

  • Kaiako working in partnership with whānau to align your child’s rhythms and rituals at the center with your family’s home life.
  • Providing them with the freedom to express themselves through imaginative and creative fun times, storytelling, movement, and role-playing within our play-oriented environment.
  • Opportunities throughout the day for your child to build their competency and understanding of language, other emerging skills and concepts through repetition, conversations and shared stories.
  • A learning environment that cultivates a sense of ownership and empowerment in your child, to promote self-help skills and autonomy.
  • Daily play experiences that challenge their physical energy, coordination, balance, and foundational skills needed for future success in school.

By choosing Kindercare, you can be confident that your child is in loving, safe, experienced, and trusted hands.

Frequently asked questions

Kindercare does not have a hard and fast rule about what age children should be toilet trained exactly, because we know that children develop at their own unique pace. This means that they are ready for toilet training at different ages. We will work with families to initiate this when it is appropriate for your child. Our Teachers are happy to share with you how we do this in the centres, so that you are informed and are part of the process and should you wish to adopt a similar approach at home. We do encourage children to be toilet trained prior to leaving the toddlers room. 

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