Choosing the right childcare for your preschool child is crucial in supporting their development and education while keeping the experience fun and engaging. At Kindercare, we understand the importance of providing a positive and creative environment that fosters self-expression, imagination, and confidence— all of these important and necessary for a successful pathway to their formal schooling years.

Our experienced team ensures that your child feels loved, recognized, and heard throughout the day. Understanding that getting ready for kura is crucial in these years, we tailor our program to include the following for your thriving preschooler: 

  • Encouraging a sense of exploration and lifelong learning, where they see themselves as capable explorers who can make discoveries and learn about the world. 
  • Providing opportunities for your preschooler to express themselves, fostering a positive attitude towards learning and communication, and empowering them to share their ideas and experiences through play. 
  • Incorporating real-life learning experiences through excursions, allowing your child to expand their knowledge and understanding. 
  • Offering a wide range of early education opportunities such as project work, to enhance investigative and research skills. Individual interests are very much encouraged, nurturing their curiosity and expanding their knowledge. 
  • Recognising the significance of social and emotional development, equipping your child with skills like emotional resilience, building relationships, and expressing emotions in a healthy way. 
  • Creating affectionate and loving relationships based on trust, joy, and a deep understanding of your child.

At Kindercare, we strive to create an environment where your preschool child can learn, grow, and enjoy their early years of education.

Frequently asked questions

We focus on developing a child’s foundations of learning and their social-emotional capability, along with maintaining a strong connection between life at the centre and your whānau aspirations for your child. You can read more about Our Pathways to Kura program to learn more about how we support tamariki for school success, so they can be confident that their kete is full when they head off to school.

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