A message to our Kindercare families from Kelly, our CEO ...

Kelly Wendelborn

June 26, 2020

Dear Kindercare families,

This is a difficult day for families and for all New Zealanders.

And Kindercare is responding to our Prime Minister’s announcement this afternoon, for everyone to move to Level 3 alert, immediately. Then, in the following 48 hours, the country will move to Level 4 alert. This is likely to be in place for a minimum of 4 weeks. At Level 4 alert, all non-essential New Zealand businesses are required to close.

That’s why we need to let our families know that our centre will be closing at close of business today (Monday 23 March). Please ensure that you take all your child’s belongings and medicine with you when you pick up your child this afternoon. We want to assure our families that no fees will be charged for this initial 4 week period that our centres are required to remain closed. Understanding that many families have paid fees in advance, we will hold this in credit until the centre reopens.

The only exception Kindercare will be making in terms of caring for children on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 March this week, will be to continue to care for those children whose parents work in essential services, as determined by the government.

If you need to contact the centre for communication over the four week closure, our contact details for your centre can be found on Kindercare’s website, https://www.kindercare.co.nz/our-childcare-centres. Please keep an eye on Educa for us to update you over the coming weeks.

Please ensure that we have your current, correct contact details, so we are able to keep in touch with you, should we need to.

We know this is an unprecedented situation for our families, communities and our country. Working together, caring for each other, and taking alert level 4 responsibly will help us all to get through this period. Stay safe.

Kelly Wendelborn

Chief Executive




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