Kindercare Learning Centres Lower Hutt

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13 Connolly Street
Boulcott, Lower Hutt, Wellington, 5010

Phone: 04 586 5769


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Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm

Looking for childcare Lower Hutt, daycare Lower Hutt or preschool Lower Hutt?

You'll find what you're looking for at Kindercare in Boulcott, Lower Hutt, which is in the dedicated and experienced hands of our Centre Director, Tania Gleeson. 

“Our purpose-built centre is located on Connolly Street, close to the heart of the Hutt. Situated within just minutes of public transport, this makes it a highly convenient location for parents/families who commute to the inner city.

What we Offer:
Children benefit from some structure and routine to the day because it provides predictability and a calm sense of familiarity. That’s why no matter which room your child is in, they will be part of a regular mat time, throughout each day.
The length and content of the mat time is influenced by the age of the children in the room, and their stage of development. Mat times may consist of singing and dancing, reading stories that are of particular interest to the children in that room, talking with the children about a chosen topic of focus, “show and tell” where your child can contribute individually, puppet plays and singing and dancing with a parachute.
Your family matters to us and that’s why our staff will make time for you, whether you’re popping in for a visit or in the process of transitioning your child into the centre. 
A home-away-from-home feel is what you’ll find in our Babies room. The use of low shelving units and setting up of invitations to play at a height that this age group can access independently will encourage your baby to actively explore his/her environment and supports free movement and play.
Because children’s routine are so important, our team works hard to respond quickly and consistently to your child’s individual needs and ensure continuity of care. Loving relationships, time for one-on-one moments and getting to know what’s best for your infant underlays everything we do in this room.  
Your baby will also have daily access to some time outdoors in our covered outdoor playground. As this area is only used by our babies, all resources and activities are tailored to promote safe exploration and discovery for your little one at this stage of development. 
In between the Babies and Preschool rooms, at the heart of the centre, is our Toddlers room. The beauty of this is that siblings are able to see each other and connect throughout the day, if they wish to.
The age of children in this room is approximately between 20 months and 3yrs old and is usually aligned with a stage of development which is beginning to seek greater independence, often begin toilet training, they're becoming little scientists who are curious about their world, they learn by repetition and usually have a great deal of energy! We love that about our Toddlers and are really committed to working in partnership with you, and every parent, to achieve the best outcomes for your little one as they take on new experiences at this age. 
Depending on the age of your preschooler, they will either be in the Preschool 1 room (3 – 4years old) or Preschool 2 room (4 – 5years old). At this age, your child’s social skills are being further developed and their play changes from being “alongside” others, to working “with” one another. And, because these 2 rooms share a common outdoor play area, friendships formed in Preschool 1 are maintained even when your child transitions to Preschool 2, as they still see their little friends each day. This link between the rooms also enables children in both rooms to build and maintain relationships with all the Preschool teachers which is so important to consistency in their care and learning.
As your little one will be beginning to prepare for school, it is at this stage that Letterland is introduced. This is an early literacy program in which a different letter of the alphabet is introduced each week, and the children learn about this letter which has its own character, its own story and a song that reflects that letter. Your child will love this early learning experience and often, children are able to make connections with home through the Letterland bucket because each week, your little one will have the opportunity to bring items from home that begin with the letter of the week.
The Preschool 2 room is also the Transition to School room and this is where your child will begin our program which prepares him/her for a smooth transition to school – a big step not just for your child, but often for parents too. Our weekly lunch box days are a favourite with children in this room, giving them the opportunity to develop independence, self-help skills, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.
Our Team:
Creating a warm, caring environment for you and your child is a priority for our staff, because it’s so important for you to feel supported, comfortable and confident leaving your precious child in our care. Current parents mention the “good feeling” they have about our centre – and that’s how we want you to feel too.
Having a culturally diverse team, including teachers from India, Samoa and Fiji, is a benefit to your child growing up in our culturally diverse country, because these teachers bring variety to your little one’s early childhood experiences and learning. And, when children from different cultures, who may not have English as a first language, come to the centre, having teachers who speak several different languages, (including Hindi, Gujarati and Samoan) can make a big difference to transitioning and settling these little ones into their new environment. 
My Commitment to You:
I chose to work in early childhood because I’m passionate about children and providing your child with the best care and education that I can. For me, it is a privilege to be a part of children’s early years as well as a source of delight to be able to work alongside children as they develop and grow.

The First Step:
So, if you’re looking for something that’s just that little bit more special and offers just that little bit more for your baby, toddler or preschooler, why don’t you come and see us.

We’d love to meet you, spend some time with you and show you around our beautiful centre that you’ll soon discover has been lovingly created for children.”

About Our Centre:

Our purpose-built childcare centre opened in Boulcott, Lower Hutt in 2007 and is licensed to provide outstanding care and early childhood education for children from infancy through to when they are ready to go to school, which is usually at 5yrs of age.

The centre is designed so that children spend time in rooms where the environment is appropriate for their developmental age and stage.  Your child will be cared for in relaxed, safe indoor and outdoor environments, with lots of varied and fun-filled opportunities.

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We’re open daily throughout the year, (except for weekends and statutory holidays), 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Parents and families are warmly welcome to pop in at any time during the day to visit us and have a look around. And we love you to bring your child along too so we can meet them and introduce them to Kindercare.

Included in your fee, Kindercare provides a nutritious, cooked midday meal which is prepared at the centre daily. We also provide healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

Bottles/formula and nappies are not provided so parents are asked to send what your child needs for the day. 

Information about enrolment schedules, fees and space availability are all aspects of our early childhood service that we like to chat to you about personally, so please come in and see us or give us a call and we’ll answer your questions.