Kindercare Lower Hutt

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13 Connolly Street
Boulcott, Lower Hutt, Wellington, 5010

Phone: 04 586 5769


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Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm

Looking for safe, loving childcare in Lower Hutt?

You’ll find it at Kindercare’s childcare centre in Lower Hutt, where our dedicated Centre Director, Tania Gleeson, and her passionate, experienced team guide your little one as they learn, grow and have fun in our relaxed, loving care.

Conveniently located in Connolly Street, we are just minutes from public transport, which makes our location ideal for those parents who have a daily commute.

And to support the differing needs of whānau, we offer both full time and part time enrolment schedules.

We look forward to supporting you and your tamariki throughout their rewarding early childhood journey with us.

About our childcare centre

Hours of fun and learning

Open daily throughout the year (except for weekends and statutory holidays)
7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Age group of children we cherish

Transition to School


Our team are committed to ensuring that you receive the best care and education for your weekly fee. And, like you, we want the best for your tamariki, which is why we don’t compromise on safe, supportive, care and education. Your weekly fee includes 

  • a generous annual leave allowance
  • a nutritious midday meal, prepared fresh at the centre daily – so you won’t need to pack kai
  • healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks to fuel your child’s play and learning
  • our Positive Parenting program – offering tips, advice and support for every family

Please note that, because every tamariki has different needs, we ask that you supply your child’s own bottles, formula and nappies for each day.


We want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your tamariki and your whānau – which is why we encourage you to chat to us, if you have any questions about our service. We’re happy to talk you through more details about our fees, enrolment schedules or space availability. Just let us know.

What’s the first step?

If you’re looking for an early learning centre that is as special as your treasured little son or daughter, why not come in for a visit? We’d love to meet you, get to know you and your family’s needs, and show you around our safe world of fun and discovery. It won’t take long for you to realise it’s been lovingly created for your tamariki - and your whānau.

Why choose our childcare centre?

Since our opening in 2007, we’ve been providing safe, loving care and learning. Our daycare is designed to care for your child from infancy until they are ready for primary school, alongside other tamariki at a similar age and stage of development. 

Each area in our fun-filled environment, indoors and outdoors, is intentionally planned to provide the nurturing care, creative learning and social opportunities to develop your child’s full potential. And for our whānau, you matter and so does our strong, supportive partnership with you. Because working together, we’re able to ensure that these early years are joy-filled and lay strong foundations for your tamariki.

Our care and learning  

When your tamariki feels safe and loved, learning happens naturally as they explore, make discoveries, and of course, have fun. For this reason, our daycare centre provides a calm, relaxed and predictable environment where your tamariki will have the opportunity to participate in regular mat times, at each age and stage of development. Mat times invite your little one to engage in interest-based activities like singing, dancing, sharing/listening to stories, puppet plays and show and tell – all of which help them to build foundational skills while having fun.

At Kindercare, we understand that, familiarity and a sense of belonging are essential to helping your little one settle, so they can learn and grow during these early years. So we observe the gentle rhythms of our tamariki through the day and guide them through transitions, special moments of care during the day and foster their growing friendships and our close relationship with them.

And, whether you’re just popping in for a visit or transitioning your tamariki into our care, we want to spend time hearing your aspirations and needs for your child – so that we can provide early care and learning that’s responsive to your little one’s needs.

Kiwi Room (babies room)

When it comes to providing safe, loving care and learning for babies, there’s no place like our ‘home-away-from-home’: our Babies Room provides the nurturing, responsive care you want for your little one, along with safe opportunities to grow and discover - both indoors and out. From the beginning, we build a trusting relationship with your infant through loving, one-on-one interactions and a consistent care routine that meets their needs. And through inviting, low shelving units; specially designed set-ups; and a covered outdoor playground just for them, your baby will be able to move, investigate and learn - while having fun. We’re here to get to know your baby… so we’re able to recognise and respond to their cues.

Tūī Room (toddlers room)

We believe your toddler deserves the kind of care and learning that nurtures their delightful energy, curiosity and independence. And it’s in our Tūī room that you’ll find our loving team will ensure your tamariki feels safe, loved and responded to, so they’ll have the confidence to participate in our interest-based play.

It’s through their play and the activities that we weave through their day, that your little one will be developing the essential foundational skills that will help them not just in the early years, but through school, and beyond into their lives. This is social emotional development and includes skills such as independence, organisation, resilience and self-help – even toileting, when they’re ready. 

We recognise how important it is for our Kaiako in this room to maintain a close, supportive partnership with you, because this is key to providing loving, personalised care and learning for your little one.

Our toddler’s room is situated right between our babies and preschool areas. So, if your toddler happens to have an older or younger sibling, they’ll be able to see each other and connect throughout the day.

Pūkeko Room (preschool room)

As your preschooler is growing and developing, we understand the importance of learning how to make friends, develop a love of learning and the value of ‘real-life’ learning experiences.

That’s why we foster a safe, loving and nurturing atmosphere in our preschool rooms, that supports your little one as they learn through play, both indoors and outside. This includes creative and fun-filled programs that introduce early literacy (Letterland), and one that builds social and emotional competence – including persistence, resilience and organisational skills.

An important part of our environment where your child’s social and language development will be fostered is in our outdoor play area, which is shared between our two preschool rooms. While learning how to play with (versus alongside) others, your tamariki will be able to maintain relationships with all of their friends and Kaiako. This consistent care and learning will help guide your tamariki to reach their full potential.

Takahē Room (transition to school room)

We know that you will love what we do for our older preschool tamariki in our transition to school room, because it’s a special space set up to prepare your tamariki for a smooth transition into primary school. Just one of the exciting activities exclusively incorporated into this room is our weekly ‘lunch box days’, in which your preschooler will develop independence, self-help skills, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility as they manage and enjoy a packed lunch from Kindercare.

Our world of outdoor play

Recognising that movement is at the heart of your child’s intellectual, social and physical development, we understand how important it is that we offer safe, exciting outdoor spaces where your tamariki can play, explore, discover, experiment and make friends through physical activity.

A little about our team

Our whānau tell us that at our daycare centre, it’s the safe, nurturing care and learning environment that evokes a ‘good feeling’. That matters to us, and, we believe you’ll feel the same. Because at our early childhood centre, we are passionate about working with you to ensure your whānau feels supported by our values, comfortable in our environment and confident, that we’re providing the best care and learning for your tamariki during their pivotal early years.

Here, your little one will also benefit from our culturally diverse team - through a variety of different experiences and perspectives within their learning. Particularly if your child’s first language isn’t English, having Kaiako who speak several different languages can provide a much smoother transition into our loving centre.

From all of us at Kindercare in Lower Hutt, we look forward to welcoming and supporting your whānau at our centre.

You’re invited…

I chose to work in early childhood because I’m passionate about tamariki and providing your tamariki with the best care and education that I can. For me, it is a privilege to be a part of these early years, and a source of delight to be able to work alongside tamariki as they develop and grow. 

So, if you’re looking for something that’s just a little more special and offers that little bit more for your baby, toddler or preschooler, why don’t you come and see us?

We’d love to meet you, spend some time with you, and show you around our beautiful centre – that you’ll soon discover has been lovingly created for tamariki.

With love