General FAQs

Kindercare Learning Centres share the same mission, vision and values as part of our organisational structure. So operationally, you can expect to receive a high quality care and learning environment in all our centres. We also believe that each centre is unique and reflective of its local community. So we empower our centre leaders to localise their curriculum and focus to best suit the needs of your child as a unique individual, as well as the community in which a centre is part of.

Infants FAQs

We work closely with parents and home routines so that your baby is able to have their regular sleeps without totally disrupting any established routines that you have in place. You will find that once settled, even the littlest babies sleep soundly for extended periods, while in our care. Our open sleeping arrangements mean that there is always someone to watch your baby, and that when they awaken Kaiako can respond quickly to them with a reassuring cuddle. 

Toddlers FAQs

Kindercare does not have a hard and fast rule about what age children should be toilet trained exactly, because we know that children develop at their own unique pace. This means that they are ready for toilet training at different ages. We will work with families to initiate this when it is appropriate for your child. Our Teachers are happy to share with you how we do this in the centres, so that you are informed and are part of the process and should you wish to adopt a similar approach at home. We do encourage children to be toilet trained prior to leaving the toddlers room. 

Preschoolers FAQs

We focus on developing a child’s foundations of learning and their social-emotional capability, along with maintaining a strong connection between life at the centre and your whānau aspirations for your child. You can read more about Our Pathways to Kura program to learn more about how we support tamariki for school success, so they can be confident that their kete is full when they head off to school.

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