Transition to School

The move from preschool to primary school is a milestone in your child’s life and the transition is so much smoother when they are well prepared for this step. Our Transition to School program for your 4½ year old child includes the following focus areas:

  • Early literacy: this is a priority and includes our unique Literacy Home Links program, which is the use of small take-home books for you to read with your child.
  • Science and numeracy: your child will be introduced to a range of basic science and mathematical concepts through discovery, play and enjoyment.
  • Ongoing inclusion of the creative arts: this includes dance, music, drama and visual arts.
  • Project work: this allows your preschooler to pose questions, solve problems, develop social skills through working with others, learn how to plan and increase their awareness of the world around them.
  • The School Connection: this includes visits to the new entrant classrooms to familiarise your preschooler with the school experience.
  • School Bag / Lunch box days: a fun aspect of the program where your child enjoys a packed lunch, at Kindercare, so they get used to eating this type of meal and gain the necessary skills to open packets/wrappers independently.
  • Transition to School reports: these keep you informed about your child’s preparation for school.