Healthy Meals for Children

Moving Smart

Did you know that not only is play and physical development at the heart of childhood, its critical to a child’s healthy cognitive growth and readiness for learning? According to Gill Connell, founder of “Moving Smart”: “a moving child is a learning child”. Every movement therefore, whether it be intentional or accidental, involves new learning for the child and the brain.

Sport for Preschoolers

Kindercare have worked with Moving Smart to ensure our team have the skills, knowledge, and resources to provide an environment, and regular opportunities and activities throughout each day, for children to move freely. Moving Smart have worked with us, to role model and explain the “move-to-learn” process, and have run professional development workshops for our Teachers and parents.

Childrens Nutrition

Moving Smart have shaped and guided the implementation of Kindercare’s active movement program so that at each stage of development, from babies through to preschoolers, it reflects how the body teaches the brain. This enables us to create an environment where active movement facilitates learning and recognises that all skills have their foundation in movement. This is integral to helping your child reach their full potential.

Sport for Children
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