You Can Do It

At Kindercare, we use the “You Can Do It” (YCDI) program to teach preschoolers in a fun-filled way about behaviours and ways to think because these are essential for their well-being and for them to learn successfully. Using lesson plans, songs, puppets, games, posters and pictures, this flexible, adaptable program is sensitive to cultural and language backgrounds and can be tailored to your child’s age, and cognitive developmental and social emotional maturity. YCDI provides a wide range of opportunities and contexts for your preschooler to learn the following five essential social and emotional learning skills:
Resilience: the ability to calm yourself, and control your behavior, within 10 minutes of being very upset, without any adult-initiated guidance and support.
Organisation: the ability to listen carefully to instructions, begin your task without excessive delay, take care of your own things and take care of yourself by keeping clean and tidy.
Confidence: believing in yourself that if you attempt to do something, you will be able to, for example, believe you can make friends; believe that at school, you’ll be safe and happy; not being afraid to tell people what you think; not being afraid to say what you want to do; not being afraid to make mistakes.
Getting Along: treating others with respect and being honest, fair and caring; working and playing well with others; solving disagreements peacefully, following the rules and looking after your environment.
Persistence: keep working at something that you find difficult, and keep trying even when it feels as if it is too hard for you to do, don’t give up - even if you’re tired.