Kindercare Bishopdale

Centre Details

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm

Kia Ora,

“Hei whakamana i te mokopuna, hei kawe i nga wawata” is a Māori phrase that can be translated as “To empower the child, and to carry the aspirations.” At Kindercare Bishopdale, the care and learning opportunities we provide echoes this phrase and we believe our role as Kaiako is to provide a nurturing environment where children are empowered to confidently pursue a journey of lifelong learning.

Our home away from home environment offers a well-balanced curriculum, encouraging active exploration and discovery in an educational setting that’s fun. My team and I seek to provide kotahitanga, or holistic development, challenging children’s growth in a safe space. We value inclusivity, and the cultural diversity of our community, where whānau are respected, acknowledged and represented in their culture, values and beliefs. Because of this, we strongly encourage parents to be active participants in their children’s learning journey and to share their stories and knowledge.

Did you know the nearby stream Puharakekenui, was historically the main source of food in the community? To make connections with history and the present, and with people, places and things, we teach tamariki about the importance of this place as a way of acknowledging its mana whenua.

You’re invited to visit us anytime to experiencing our inviting rooms and spacious outdoor areas. We can’t wait to meet you, learn about your child and your whānau, and share what makes Kindercare Bishopdale so special.

Samantha Littlejohn
Centre Director / Pou Kaitiaki

Why Choose Our Centre

Simply put, it’s because we offer outstanding early childhood care and learning. But here are a few other great reasons:

  • Our large outdoor spaces are beautiful, providing lots of space for imaginative play, building friendships, and challenging learning through movement.
  • Our operational hours allows us to provide flexible options to suit your family’s needs, with full-time and part-time care.
  • Our Teachers are passionate about the particular age-group of children they care for, and they are genuinely excited to work with the babies, toddlers or preschoolers in their room.
  • Building trusting relationships and maintaining hononga are of high importance; we do this through genuine and honest communication between our team, tamariki and whānau.
  • Kai is included. We provide high-quality plant-based whole-food meals for tamariki—all cooked on-site and prepared with love.
  • We offer a generous leave policy because we understand the unpredictability of children’s absences.
  • We have a dedicated classroom for children who are ready for school. This space is equipped with a team and resources that intentionally set up tamariki for a smooth pathway to school and kura.

About Our Care

Childcare at our centre is designed to meet whānau aspirations and the needs of each child, with age-appropriate activities for infants, toddlers and preschoolers throughout their day.

At Kindercare Bishopdale, we have a strong connection to the community through local trips, school visits, and visitors from our surrounding area. Our centre also celebrates the biculturalism of New Zealand and has a weekly kapa haka, where the whole centre gets together to sing songs and dance. You’ll be invited to our parent evenings which are held throughout the year— to update you about your child’s progress and development. We also love celebrations so throughout the year, we’ll make the most of those special moments in life as well as celebrating cultural events.

Since 2009, this Bishopdale preschool has been a part of the community, offering a fun-filled learning program that encourages innovative thinking, discovery, and curiosity. Our centre is conveniently located for families in Sawyers, Casebrook, the airport and Harewood, Northcote, Redwood.

We understand that families have different childcare needs, and we would love to discuss them with you. This enables us to provide a tailored approach to your child’s care, learning and fees, to support their growth.

We look forward to supporting you and your child on their incredible journey with us through these early years.

Life At Our Centre