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Centre Contact Details

89 Shakespeare Road
Milford, Auckland, 0620

Babies and Toddlers

Phone: 09 486 1338  


Phone: 09 486 2626  


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Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 5.30pm

7.30am to 5.00pm on a Friday

Looking for safe, loving childcare in Milford? 

You’ll find it at our childcare centre, where every day begins and ends with loving care in a relaxed, welcoming environment. At Kindercare’s first centre, our passionate, experienced team, led by our Centre Director, Philippa Terei, will gently guide your little one as they grow and learn through play. 

At Kindercare, we understand that whānau are all unique, which is why we offer different enrolment options. You can chat to us about full time or part time care for your child. We so look forward to meeting you and your child. We are conveniently located for families in Hillcrest, Takapuna, Forrest Hill, and Milford.

About our childcare centre

Hours of fun and learning 

Open daily throughout the year (except for weekends and statutory holidays) 
7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday; 7.30am to 5.00pm Friday 

Age group of children we cherish 

Babies and Toddlers in our Baby and Toddler centre 

Preschoolers and Transition to School in our Preschool centre 


We know you want the very best for your child – so do we. That’s why we don’t compromise on safe, loving, care and learning. Our team are committed to ensuring your family receives the highest standard of care for your weekly fee, which includes:

  • a generous annual leave allowance 
  • a nutritious midday meal, prepared fresh at the centre daily – so you won’t need to pack kai
  • healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks to fuel your child’s play and learning 
  • our Positive Parenting program – offering tips, advice and support for every family 

Acknowledging that each child in our care has different needs, we ask our whānau to supply your child’s own bottles, formula and nappies for each day.  


Whatever is on your mind, we want to know. Whether it’s about anything from our fees, and enrolment schedules to space availability, please just chat to us. Our team will willingly talk through any questions, and provide whatever information you may need, if it helps you with making the best decision for your child and your whānau 

What’s the first step?

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or considering alternatives to your current daycare arrangements - deciding who to entrust your child to is a big decision. And we’re here to help. Why not come in for a visit or a relaxed chat? We’d love to meet you, and your child, find out a little more about you first. Then, we can show you around or safe, loving centre, spend some time with you, and answer any questions you may have.  

Why choose our centre?

Our Milford location provides safe, loving childcare in two separate centres – one specialising in preschoolers since 1972, and one catering for babies and toddlers, since 1977. Together, they provide exceptional care and education for your child from infancy until they are ready for primary school. Our environments are intentionally planned to provide the nurturing care, creative learning and social opportunities tailored to your child’s individual needs.  

We regularly care for second-generation tamariki, because we offer an experienced, passionate team – committed to supporting each child and partnering with their whānau 

Our ‘home-away-from-home’ is a relaxed setting in which your child can spend their days happily playing in our free-flowing indoor/outdoor spaces, and being nurtured through the intentional learning experiences offered through our engaging, fun-filled curriculum. 

Our care and learning 

Our team want you to have peace of mind that in our care, your precious child will feel safe and loved, while receiving the best care and learning for their individual needs. We offer a play-based learning program that reflects the current theories and best practices of ‘Te Whariki’ – New Zealand’s early childhood curriculum. This means we’re committed to valuing your child as an individual, and caring for them with loving respect.  

Uninterrupted play is so beneficial to your child, as it fosters skills such as creativity, problem-solving, persistence and ability to get along with others. So, you’ll find that our Kaiako are skilled at identifying when to become involved in your child’s play through meaningful reactions, and when to allow them to learn independently  

We want to ensure that we are personalising your child’s care and learning at each age, and stage of development and that is why we make it a priority to build a strong, supportive relationship between you and your child’s primary Kaiako. They’ll partner with you to ensure we’re providing care that meets your aspirations for your child, and they will work with you to support, document, and achieve your child’s learning goals through planned educational experiences.  

Our education program and Educa online portfolios complement your journey with us, by enabling you to be a part of your child’s learning and development, milestones and important moments in these early years. This ensures that you’ll get to understand how we incorporate care and fun into our daily rituals, like meal timescreating small groups where tamariki and Kaiako can chat, around a table-clothed table and even flowers to make the meal a special occasion.   

As an important part of our Kindercare whānau, we want you and your precious little one to feel a real sense of belonging throughout your time with us.  

Kiwi Room (babies room) 

We understand just how important it is to you that your beautiful baby is cherished, receives respectful care and is gently given plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. That’s why you’ll find in this room, we offer nurturing, responsive care, and the chance to safely explore our sensory-rich, relaxed, settled environment 

In the spirit of partnership, we’ll build a strong relationship with you and your infant. This allows us to integrate your little one’s home routine into our centre routine, as much as possible, to provide consistent, loving care. Our Kaiako recognise how essential it is that they get to know your baby intimately so they are able to read your child’s cues, and then lovingly meet their needs. This will give your baby a sense of trust, allowing them to happily explore their indoor and outdoor spaces and invitations to play.  

Kea and Tūī Rooms (toddlers rooms) 

Your little one is growing, and we love their curiosity, growing sense of independence and energy – while still needing lots of cuddles and strong loving relationships.  

That’s why we have created well-resourced, sensory-rich rooms for your toddler, where they can have heaps of fun, be really active and enjoy learning through a wide variety of play-based activities. Closely guided by our nurturing Kaiako, your child will have plenty of opportunities to explore and experiment, enjoy quiet spaces and participate in activities that support the development of their social and emotional skills  particularly self-confidence. And we will continue to partner with you, keeping in touch when you are in the centre, and through your child’s online Educa portfolio. Your toddler will be in safe hands with us.  

Pūkeko and Takahē Rooms (preschool and transition to school rooms) 

As your child enters their preschool years, we understand the importance of continuing to develop their foundation skills as well as their social and emotional competencies.  That’s why we’ve designed these rooms to provide flexible, nurturing environments, where your child’s individual strengths and interests will be extended and encouraged through innovative, fun-filled programs and our experienced, enthusiastic Kaiako. We’ll gently continue to build their early literacy and numeracy foundations, encourage their questions and participation in projects as well as introducing digital technology as a safe and innovative learning tool. And we won’t forget time outside – where active play and exploration and imaginative discoveries create days of fun and learning for your precious child.   

Ensuring your child is well prepared for that big step into primary school is why we have such a focussed and intentionally planned Transition to School program. Activities, intentional learning experiences and visits to the local primary school are all a part of how we work with your preschooler to build their confidence and competencies, to easily transition from early childhood into the formal schooling setting. 

Our world of outdoor play 

Movement and physical activity is critical for your little one’s intellectual, social and physical development. So providing exciting, challenging outdoor spaces where tamariki can play, explore, discover and enjoy games with friends is an essential aspect of our care and learning.  As well as setting up new resources to inspire your child’s imagination and enthusiasm, the outdoor time is also building your child’s positive relationship with nature through opportunities to care for our plants, trees and vegetable gardens.

A little about our team

Our team recognise the significance of the decision you are making, when you decide to entrust us with your child’s care and education, in these pivotal early years. That’s why we want to reassure you that our experienced team of consistent, qualified Kaiako are committed to keeping your child safe, loved and learning. Passionate and actively engaged in early childhood learning, our team offer a range of experience, skills and perspectives to ensure your child receives the best possible care and education. 

We welcome and cherish tamariki from all cultures, and look forward to supporting your child’s diverse needs in our safe, fun-filled environment.

You’re invited…

We would love to spend time showing you around our childcare centre, find out what’s most important to you, and talk more with you about our outstanding care and education program. Please give us a call to make a time for you and your child to come and visit. We know you’ll love Kindercare! 

With love