Kindercare Learning Centres Pinehill

Centre Contact Details

60 Greville Road
Pinehill, Auckland, 0632

Phone: 09 479 9933


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Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday 7.15am to 5.30pm

7.15am – 5pm on a Friday

Looking for childcare Albany, daycare Albany or preschool Albany?
You’ll find what you’re looking for at Kindercare in Greville Road, Albany, which is in the dedicated and experienced hands of Sandra Peden, our Centre Director.
"Vibrant early years that are enriched with fun are just waiting for your child at our centre! In a relaxed, flexible nurturing environment, your child’s natural curiosity to learn will be fostered, while their uniqueness and individualism is valued and celebrated.
As a parent, we acknowledge that choosing early childhood care for your child is the first step in laying the foundation for a lifetime of success.
Building warm, loving relationships supports this, and that’s why we welcome you, and other important people in your child's life, to spend time at the centre while you transition your child into our care.
What We Offer:
You’ll find a warm welcome when you enter our centre; you’ll experience true commitment to partnership with families, within a culture of kindness; and you’ll discover our genuine delight as we share in and celebrate your child’s special milestone experiences.
Being located on a main arterial route, drop off and pick up is made so much easier for families. And, because of our convenient location, our families come from near and far.
Since 2003, building strong links with families in the Albany area and surrounding communities has been so important to us because of how much they benefit your child.
Being part of our closely connected community and a warm, familiar atmosphere gives your child time and opportunity to build trust with their teachers. These special bonds ensure your child feels safe and loved – and when they feel safe and loved, they’re able to have fun and learn.
You’ll find that our outdoor areas, with mature trees and shade, are kept fresh and clean with lots of attention and time given to creating exciting, challenging and fun-filled environments.
Through a range of daily themed areas, your child gains the benefit of a variety of opportunities to use their imagination, explore new sensory outdoor experiences and enjoy freedom to move. All of this is essential for their brain development, social skills and interaction, and their physical growth.
How is our centre unique?
Young children benefit from warm loving relationships, where the care they receive is intimate, respectful and responsive to their needs.
With this in mind, our early childhood centre has been architecturally designed to create seven, low ratio room sizes, ensuring that the pace of the day for your child is unhurried, and relaxed.
When you make your way down our hallway, you’ll notice our three spacious Preschool rooms. Each of these has a playground that was planned and created to benefit your child all year round, through our 'active child is a learning child' curriculum.
During your child's time in preschool, their language development will be fostered through a phonics play-based program, and our shared reading initiative allows you to link home with centre life and learning.
Your preschooler will also enjoy a range of opportunities to actively participate in intimate project groups. These are beneficial to your child because they not only ensure creative learning, they also support the establishment of positive friendships and develop a love of learning at a young age.
One of these three preschool rooms is our dedicated Transition to School room. The benefit of the learning program designed for this room is that it ensures your child is ready for school.
Project focuses and inquiry-based learning are an integral part of the curriculum. Your child will have the opportunity to develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds.
In each of our Preschool rooms, your child will be entrusted to a skilled, Primary-trained Teacher who implements small interactive extension groups in each room, throughout the week.
She builds close relationships with each child which gives your child the benefit of focused time and attention, while weaving pre-mathematics, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that support your child’s stage of development.
We have built up a positive reputation with the new entrant classes at our local primary schools, giving your child confidence and familiarity within the classroom setting, as they transition from our centre.
Then we have our two Toddler’s rooms where consistently low ratios ensure your child will receive individual care and focussed attention.
Research tells us smaller room sizes create a calmer atmosphere which is beneficial to your child as they master self-help skills and emerging autonomy.
Your child will be entrusted to a consistent key Teacher who will work in partnership with you. Together, we’re able to foster your young child’s growing independence, by incorporating a daily play and care curriculum to support the development of your toddler’s natural curiosity about their world.
At the end of the hall are our two, naturally lit Babies’ rooms. The first of these is dedicated to providing a loving, gentle, homely environment for our youngest infants.
Here, your baby will receive responsive, respectful care which is made possible because we limit the ratios in this room.
You’ll find the environment calm and soothing, allowing lots of space for babies to move safely, exploring their world through tactile experiences and building trust in the loving relationships of those caring for them.
Your little one will also be entrusted to a key Teacher in our Babies' rooms who will provide consistent care that’s responsive to their unique needs and well-being.
Our Team
With our long standing teachers and staff, we’ve developed wonderful rituals with families such as our famous family breakfasts, centre fun days and family evenings.

So you’ll have lots of opportunities to get to know the team who care for your little one and to meet other families with children enrolled at the centre.
Our team also celebrate current national and international events as a centre community. This increases awareness about the lives of others, fosters respect and is perhaps a good excuse to dress up!
Your family matters to our team at Kindercare in Greville Road which is why recognition and celebration of cultural diversity is important to all our teachers and staff.
Children, families and teachers feel free to confidently share their own traditions, values and home languages.
What’s The Next Step?
Why not give us a call, or better still, pop in for a visit. And bring your child with you. We’d love to meet you, show you around and hear how we can best meet your needs.
Warm regards,

About Kindercare Pinehill

Our modern, purpose-built, home-away-from-home childcare centre opened in the Albany/Pinehill area in 2003, and is licensed to provide outstanding care and early childhood education for children from infancy through to when they are ready to go to school, which is usually at 5yrs of age.

The centre is designed so that children spend time in rooms where the environment is appropriate for their developmental age and stage.  Your child will be cared for in relaxed, safe indoor and outdoor environments, with lots of varied and fun-filled opportunities.
To find out more about our early education program and exciting days for your baby, toddler or preschool child, click here
We’re open daily throughout the year, (except for weekends and statutory holidays), from 7.15am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, and 7.15am – 5pm on a Friday.

Parents and families are warmly welcome to pop in at any time during the day to visit us and have a look around. And we love you to bring your child along too so we can meet them and introduce them to Kindercare.
Included in your fee, Kindercare provides a nutritious, cooked midday meal which is prepared at the centre daily. We also provide healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

Bottles/formula and nappies are not provided so parents are asked to send what your child needs for the day.  
Information about enrolment schedules, fees and space availability are all aspects of our early childhood service that we like to chat to you about personally, so please come in and see us or give us a call and we’ll answer your questions.