Kindercare Learning Centres Remuera

Centre Contact Details

36 Green Lane East
Remuera, Auckland, 1050

Phone: 09 520 1825


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Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 5.30pm

7.30am – 5pm on a Friday

Looking for childcare Remuera, daycare Remuera or preschool Remuera?

You'll find what you're looking for at Kindercare in Remuera, which is in the dedicated and experienced hands of our Centre Director, Angela Smith.

“You’ll find our warm “haven of care” for children on Green Lane East Road, with very convenient access to the motorway, and several local primary schools, including Remuera Primary, Meadowbank Primary, Victoria Avenue Primary, Ellerslie Primary, Cornwall Park Primary and Stonefields School.

What We Offer:
A friendly, welcoming place for you and your child to settle into, where you know you belong and feel supported through strong, loving relationships.

When you spend a little time in the centre, you’ll discover that the focus is on providing respectful care in a fun-filled atmosphere, where families (and extended family) are all seen as an important part of centre life. An open-door policy is our way of saying “you matter” and that’s why we’ll make time for you.

The centre has 3 rooms, so your child will be loved and cared for with children at a similar stage of development (Babies: 0 – 2yrs; Preschool 1: 2yrs - 3½yrs; Preschool 2: 3½yrs – 5yrs).

Each room also has its own dedicated outdoor play area, so your child will be part of a program that offers activities and resources which encourage the development of their gross motor skills, provide opportunities to explore the gardens, and challenge themselves safely on the outdoor equipment and set-ups.

Across all age groups, our Excel Education program provides teachers with an innovative way to plan for each child, and ensure that we “notice, recognise and respond” to each child in our care. By taking the time to notice your child’s interests, we can then recognise their behaviours and needs, and are able to respond in a way that is unique to your child to support them in their individual development.

Another integral aspect of our care and education, beginning from the youngest babies, through to our eldest preschoolers, is our Foundation Skills program. This is designed to help your child develop those critical brain connections that are essential to lay the foundations necessary for future learning to occur.

A range of activities (appropriate for each developmental stage), help your child to build on and improve skills including: reflexes, vision, hearing, sensory awareness, spatial awareness, direction, midline, patterns, memory and visual discrimination. Ensuring these critical foundations are laid during early childhood enable your child to achieve greater success in formal learning (literacy and numeracy) when they go to school.

Once a month, each of our rooms is responsible for organizing a special events day for the whole centre. In the past, these have included Funky Hat days, Pyjama days and Jandals day – anything that creates fun!

In this room, a care curriculum is provided: throughout each day, teachers use care moments, such as bottle-feeding, nappy changes and meal times to get to know your baby, and to build a strong attachment to them. These regular, affectionate times of connection are also teachable moments that are unique for your child.

The care is respectful, unhurried, asking a child’s permission before acting and giving them time to respond. This fosters a relationship where your child feels secure, safe, loved – and thus able to develop and learn – to their full potential.

Your infant’s development, interests and milestones in the Babies room will be documented in his/her own Learning Journey and Journal and parents/families are encouraged to share what your little one’s been up to at home, or any information we should know about. This enables us not only to link home life and centre life, it also tells us how your baby’s doing when not in our care – and we love that!

Together, we can share and enjoy your little one’s time in Babies.

Your toddler is still little and therefore still needs lots of cuddles and loving care. However, their world is gradually expanding – so that’s what you’ll find in Preschool 1.

In this new environment, teaches will support your child in the development of their self-help skills and gently encourage their growing need for independence. In this room, your little one will have the opportunity to try a whole new range of things, be involved in new experiences, explore and make new discoveries and learn, by using trial and error.

By getting to know your toddler’s interest, teachers are able to set up exciting activities that best suit your child’s individual needs – and so your toddler is responded to individually.

Above all else, the days are fun – because teachers in this room love working with toddlers and all their sense of curiosity and eagerness to learn. It’s so rewarding to watch your child’s amazing development as they prepare for and gradually transition to the next room, with ease and confidence.

Preschool 2:
This room changes again from Preschool 1, creating an environment where your child is able to experience new and exciting learning programs, and ultimately, our Transition to School program.

Experienced teachers work alongside your preschooler, using the Project approach, conversations, questions and research to help your child explore and understand their world.

Activities in this room are set up based on play and the children’s interests – which is why you’ll find children are eager to learn, interested in helping, keen to participate and share in discoveries – all of which equips them with essential skills and confidence for when they move on to school. So, what are some of the special parts of this program for your preschooler?

Special interest Days: these include visits to the local Marae, visits by the local police, fire and ambulance crews to talk about safety, fun at the centre when Old McDonald’s farm arrives with all the animals and visits by the Dog Control service to talk to the children about dog safety in the community.

Cherry.bytes: this is a highlight of the children’s week where they expand on their current classroom focus, in a weekly supervised session, working on iPads and other technology. Learning comes to life through this interactive tool that enables children to research, invent, discover and create.

Home Readers: these are also part of the Transition to School program, where each week, your child is encouraged to take a new book home and read it with you.

You Can Do It: a unique and innovative program that promotes your child's social and emotional competence, by introducing your pre-schooler to special characters – all of whom teach your child a particular life skill – like Pete Persistence, Ricky Resilience and Connie Confidence.

Letterland: a fun, phonics program that introduces your child to a different letter of the alphabet each week, and uses songs, letter characters and poems to help your child identify, learn and remember the sound of each letter.

Our Team:
You’ll find a warm, committed and fun-loving team, who will take great pride in being entrusted with the care and education of your precious child. All teachers are either qualified or in training towards their qualification.

Because they come from a range of other countries from around the world, our team is enriched through cultural diversity and this is reflected in the respect we have for children in our care, from different cultures.

Building the strongest possible relationship with your child, while having fun with them each day, is what we’re passionate about. By loving them, engaging with them at their level and valuing them, we’re able to help them be the best they can be.

As a parent, you can be confident in the knowledge that when your child leaves our care, they’re well prepared for the next stage of their journey in life.

My Commitment to You:
I strongly believe that, above all else, children need respectful care and strong attachments – and my team echoes that belief. That’s why our centre is created as an extension of your home, with values that foster a sense of belonging and well-being, within secure relationships.

We live Kindercare’s core values – Safe, Loved and Learning – at our centre in Remuera, because when a child feels safe, secure and loved, their ability to learn is so much greater. That’s why everything we do is so that your child can be the “best they can be” and why your family becomes an extension of our family.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day breakfasts, Grandparents Day celebrations – these are all important dates and activities to be celebrated with families during the year – not forgetting special occasions like Christmas, Chinese New Year and Diwali!

What’s The Next Step?
I’d like to personally invite you to come into the centre and see what life’s all about here. You’ll get the opportunity to meet some of our teaching team, view the exciting rooms, resources and outdoor areas, and I’m happy to answer your questions and give you more information.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and your family."


About Kindercare Remuera:

The purpose-built childcare centre opened in Remuera in 1981.  It is licensed to provide childcare, daycare and early childhood education for children from infancy through to school age.

The centre is designed so that children spend time in rooms where the environment is appropriate for their developmental age and stage.  Your child will be cared for in relaxed, safe indoor and outdoor environments, with lots of varied and fun-filled opportunities.

To find out more about our early education program and exciting days for your baby, toddler or preschool child, click here.

We’re open daily throughout the year, (except for weekends and statutory holidays), from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 7.30am – 5pm on a Friday.

Parents and families are warmly welcome to pop in at any time during the day to visit us and have a look around. And we love you to bring your child along too so we can meet them and introduce them to Kindercare.

Included in your fee:
Kindercare provides a nutritious, cooked midday meal which is prepared at the centre daily. We also provide healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

Bottles/formula and nappies are not provided so parents are asked to send what your child needs for the day. 

We understand that you will possibly have questions about enrollment schedules, space availability and fees.  This is important information that we prefer to discuss with you when you visit.

You’re welcome to send a question or submit an online enrolment request.