Kindercare Learning Centres Bishopdale

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345 Sawyers Arms Road
Bishopdale, Christchurch, 8051

Phone: 03 359 5511


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Operating Hours

Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm

Looking for safe, loving childcare in Bishopdale? 

You’ll find it at our safe, welcoming early childhood centre, where we put our hearts into everything we do. Our dedicated team, led by our committed Centre Director, Crystal Basher, will give your little one the loving, responsive care you want for them 

Our strong parent partnership makes your life even easier through our convenient city location, with easy pick-ups and drop-offs. We offer enrolment options that include both full time, and part time care and education, so building the life you want for your child has never been simpler. 


About our childcare centre

Hours of fun and learning 

Open daily throughout the year (except for weekends and statutory holidays) 

7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday 

Age group of children we cherish 




Transition to School 


Like you, we want the best for your child. So we don’t compromise on safe, supportive, care and education. Our team works hard to ensure your family receives the highest standard of care for your weekly fee, which includes:  

  • a generous annual leave allowance  
  • a nutritious midday meal, prepared fresh at the centre daily – so you won’t need to pack kai  
  • healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks to fuel your child’s play and learning  
  • our Positive Parenting program – offering tips, advice and support for every family  

Because every child has different needs, we ask that you supply your childs own bottles, formula and nappies for each day.  


If you would like to learn more about our fees, enrolment schedules or space availability, please let us know. We’re happy to talk through any questions or provide whatever information you may need, to help you make the best decision for your child and your family. 

What’s the first step?

Simply pop in for a visit, anytime. We’d love to welcome you into our relaxed, multicultural daycare centre, and show you around our safe, exciting learning environments - both indoors and out. We’ll also introduce you to our friendly team, who understand how important it is to support you and your child through these early years. So, you can feel comfortable telling us about your child, your aspirations for them, and what you’re looking for in a centre.  


Why choose our centre?

Our early childhood centre has been providing safe, loving care and learning since 2009. Here, we care for children from infancy until they’re ready to leave our care for primary school. So, your little one will be cherished among tamariki of a similar age and stage of development, in rooms specially designed to provide the nurturing care, imaginative learning and social opportunities best suited to their individual needs.  


Our care and learning 

Kindercare offers a curriculum that allows your child to enjoy building the foundational skills they’ll eventually need for school. Through our ‘You Can Do It’ program, your child will develop the social and emotional skills needed to make friends, build confidence and resilience, through a variety of creative activities.  

We also support your family and whānau through our Triple-P parenting program, designed to promote a strong, healthy relationship with your child by learning how to identify, manage and prevent emotional and behavioural problems.  

To support our partnership with you, we believe in fostering a multicultural environment, where we invite you to participate in your child’s learning by sharing your knowledge and culture with us, and with the room in which your child is cared for. 

Kiwi Room (infants room) 

We believe infants should feel safe, loved and supported, while surrounded by opportunities to learn and grow. That’s exactly how our Kiwi Room is designed – to offer respectful care in a calming, sensory-rich atmosphere. The nurturing indoor space flows seamlessly into its own outdoor play area, allowing your baby to safely explore and discover. In the spirit of partnership, we’ll work with you to ensure that your child’s routine and care needs are met, and we’ll document their days so you’re with us every step of your baby’s development.  

Tūī Room (toddlers room) 

We love everything about being a part of your toddler’s journey - from the emerging independence to the enthusiasm for learning. And our safe, loving Tūī Room embraces it all. In a stimulating environment, that offers a variety of creative and sensory experiences, your child’s growth and development will be nurtured and supported. Conversations, mat time, music and movement are just some of the activities that will engage your toddler throughout the day. And with a vibrant shared outdoor space, your child will receive plenty of opportunities to explore, experiment and of course, have fun.  

Pūkeko and Takahē Rooms (preschool and transition to school rooms) 

When it comes to preschoolers, we understand the importance of making friends, loving learning, and being ready for school. And our Pūkeko and Takahē Rooms guide your child through it all. Here, our nurturing Kaiako give tamariki the opportunity to share in creative learning activities that develop their overall self-awareness, while building social and emotional skills.  

Once your preschooler reaches the transition-to-school stage, their preparation for the move to school includes daily learning experiences that help them build confidence among other tamariki, share their ideas, and question the world around them. We also visit schools where our children are able to connect with school age tamariki and these conversations and shared activities help your child feel more confident – even excited – about taking the next big step. We also host the friendly local school tamariki for songs and stories, and offer lunch box days once a week.  

All of this will give our tamariki the preparation they need for a smooth transition into primary school.  

Our world of outdoor play  

At our daycare centre, we understand that movement is at the very heart of your child’s intellectual, social and physical development. That’s why Kindercare offers safe, vibrant outdoor spaces where your child can play, explore, discover and make friends through physical activity. As your child learns more about their body and becomes more physically competent, they’re also getting ready to transition into the next room, and stage of development. 

A little about our team…

Our team take pride in offering safe, loving care and learning for every child, while supporting you every step of the way. So, from the moment you and your child walk through our doors, we are by your family’s side to ensure a successful transition into our care. We get to know each child’s family and whānau, discuss your aspirations for your child, and embrace your family as part of ours 

Knowing your child is happily developing their full potential, you can feel free to leave them in our care, as you build the life you want for them. So by end of the day, when you gather with your loved ones, you can simply share in the joy of being a family.  That’s what matters to us, at Kindercare. 

You’re invited…

Please feel free to come and visit us at any time – we would love to talk about all the fun and learning that happens at our centre. 

With love