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Centre Contact Details

305 Burwood Road
Burwood, Christchurch, 8083

Phone: 03 387 0305


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Operating Hours

Monday - Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm

Looking for childcare Burwood, daycare Burwood or preschool Burwood?
You'll find what you're looking for at Kindercare Learning Centres in Burwood, which is in the dedicated and experienced hands of our centre director, Leonie Wellesley.

"Our childcare centre is located across the road from Burwood Hospital and has a homely environment that creates a place where your child will feel safe, secure, loved and ready to learn and have fun every day.
"Gut feel" is something many parents mention when they visit us for the first time. We hope that you will experience the “calm and happy atmosphere” that so many of them mention, when you enter our centre. 

What We Offer:
Communication: Because regular and on-going communication with parents is so important to providing the best care for your child, and because we value our relationship with you, hearing from you and those “quick”, informal catch-up chats are encouraged and appreciated – working together and building strong links between your home and centre life is essential to ensuring your child grows into a confident, independent and enthusiastic learner.
Linking home and centre life: You’ll find a book on display in each of our rooms, which is updated daily, and describes the activities and experiences the children have enjoyed throughout the day.
Kindercare baskets: We provide these for your child’s belongings to keep them safe and organised. It also encourages children to take ownership of their things at Kindercare.
Meals: Included in your fees, your child will receive a cooked midday meal, a daily selection of fresh fruit and vegetables (puree option for young babies) as well as healthy morning and afternoon snacks.
Annual Leave Allowance: your child gets a generous annual leave allowance, with the number of leave days proportionate to your child’s number of weekly enrolled days. The benefit to you of these leave days is that when your child is away sick, on holiday or it’s a statutory holiday, you only have to pay $2.00 for that day, instead of your normal fees.
Many of our families hear about us through word of mouth in and around the community. The majority of staff live close by, and being local gives them an understanding of the community, a knowledge of families and the added passion and desire to develop your child's full potential in their own surroundings.  
Because this is such a young age, it makes working closely with you really important so that we have a clear understanding of what your needs are in terms of your child’s care and what we can do to follow your baby’s home routine as closely as possible in terms of sleep patterns, bottle feeds etc.
Your little one will be welcomed into a room with children at a similar age and stage of development, with an outdoor play area specifically designed for the needs of this age group. So, your child is able to move freely, explore safely and have teachers available quickly, to meet their needs.
You’ll notice a book on display which keeps parents/families informed about what activities we enjoyed with your child, each day. Your baby will also have his/her own Journal – this is a very personal and current way for us to keep in touch with you about your child’s learning and development and for you to let us know what’s happening at home, and anything we need to know, for example how they slept, nappy changes, bottle feeds, new interests, their milestones – all those treasures about your little one that you then have a record of, forever.
In this room, our teachers rotate weekly, so they’re all in tune with your baby’s needs, and they know your child intimately which allows them to be emotionally present and responsive to their cues.  It’s this loving connection with your child that guides how we care for them, allows for the creation of unhurried moments for affection throughout the day and offer choices – for example: whether they’d like to play indoors or outdoors, (activities and invitations to play are set up in both environments).
At this stage of their young life, ensuring your little one gets restful sleep when they need to is really important and so we work with you to align their centre routine with your home routine and to gain a better understanding of how your child likes to fall asleep and be responded to when they waken.
There’s mat time and music time planned throughout the day to provide for consistency in routines and engage your child with activities like finger-play, magnetic stories and action songs – all bundled up with laughter, smiles, cuddles and fun!
It’s usually around the time of your child’s second birthday that they move to the Preschool room – and a whole new world of discovery! They’ll enjoy the freedom to select from a range of different resources, new art and sensory play opportunities and new books with activities, throughout their day and of course, a new playground. 
This outdoor area, which is shared with the children in the Transition to School room, has more challenging climbing equipment and offers your little one a range of different experiences each day, like the carpentry table, messy play options and construction materials.
You’ll find mat times are slightly more structured than Nursery and provide an opportunity for your child to participate in a range of exciting experiences including parachute games, CD books, new story books, action songs and magnetic stories. All of these provide creative ways to encourage turn-taking and co-operation in young children.
Because you can’t be there during the day to see what your child is doing and how their interests are developing, this is recorded for you, through learning stories, in your preschooler’s individual learning Portfolio. This is a treasure trove for the future – it shows how, based on the teacher’s observations of your child’s interests, they carefully plan experiences and activities to support your child in ways to independently explore and extend this area of interest.
It’s often around the transition to Preschool that toilet training is beginning, or underway. However, because not all children are ready for toilet training at the same time, we work with you on this to ensure what happens in the centre is consistent with what you’re doing at home and also that you’re happy with the timing of this for your child. Having our own bathroom in this room and a teacher responsible for nappy changing, keeps this stage of your child’s development routine consistent and as stress-free as possible.
Every day’s different and every day’s fun in the Preschool room!
Transition to School
With the move to primary school approaching, preparing your child for a smooth transition is now the focus of care and education program. Our teachers visit new entrant Teachers at local schools to build relationships with the schools and understand how best to prepare your child.
Literacy and numeracy are incorporated through activities and use of resources that support your child in gaining an awareness of letters and numbers. Some of these activities include writing letters in trays of sand or salt, our Letterland program which focuses on one letter each week and art and craft activities are planned around this letter.
Your child will participate in longer, more structured mat times in preparation for the classroom routines at school, and games, books and CD’s that involve questions and answers and turn-taking are also used more frequently in the Transition to School room.
Your preschooler will still be able to choose indoor or outdoor play, and both environments are set up with games, activities and opportunities to extend your child’s physical, mental and social development. “You Can Do It” is an amazing program aimed at social and emotional development. Through the use of puppets, your child learns skills like persistence, organisation and how to get along with others which are not only useful as your child grows and goes to school, but for the rest of their adult lives.
Another favourite time of the week for your preschooler will be Cherry.bytes – Kindercare’s information technology program. This weekly session, supervised by specialist teachers, gives your child the opportunity to create, explore, research, discover and learn interactively on iPads, and other technology. The children love it!!
Seeing your child happily moving on to their next adventure at primary school is hugely rewarding for our Kindercare family – but we also love it when you pop back and tell us all about it!

A Little About the Team:
Consistent, loving care and familiar caregivers are essential to your child’s early care and education. That’s why your little one will benefit from the fact that many of our staff have been with Kindercare for an extended period of time.
They are qualified, experienced and offer a range of ages, which enables them to bring many different skills and perspectives to the centre. Together, they create a fun-filled, safe environment that caters for the diverse needs of young children.
At each stage of development, your child will be nurtured by respectful care because our teachers have a love for working with children in different age groups and team work is our priority, ensuring a supportive environment for the best outcomes for your child.
My Commitment to You:
I am passionate about the care and education of every young child placed in our care.
Taking the First Step:
I would love to talk with you about your needs and how we can help you here at Kindercare in Burwood. Please feel free to call, email or pop into our centre - it would be my pleasure to show you and your child through our centre, introduce you to our teachers, and answer any questions you may have".

About Our Centre:

Our purpose built childcare centre opened in Burwood, Christchurch in 2005 and is licensed to provide outstanding care and early childhood education for children from infancy to school age, which is usually 5 years old.
The centre is designed so that children spend time in rooms where the environment is appropriate for their developmental age and stage. Your child will be cared for in a relaxed and safe indoor and outdoor environment, with plenty of varied and fun-filled opportunities.
To find out more about our early education program and exciting days for your baby, toddler or preschool child, click here. 
We’re open daily throughout the year, (except for weekends and statutory holidays), from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Parents, family & whanau are warmly welcomed to pop in at any time during the day to visit us and have a look around. We love you to bring your child along too, so we can meet them and introduce them to Kindercare.

Included in your fees, Kindercare provides a nutritious, freshly cooked midday meal each day. We also provide healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.
Bottles/formula and nappies are not provided so parents are asked to send what their child requires for the day. We happily schedule your child’s needs.  
Information about enrolment schedules, fees and space availability are all aspects of our early childhood service that we like to chat to you about personally, so please come in and see us or give us a call and we’ll readily answer your questions.