Growing a magical relationship in ordinary moments

Spending time with your children

If we can consciously invest in being in the moment with tamariki, then we get to experience the magic of their presence, of this relationship, and of childhood itself. In our busy society, and in the midst of the juggle we face in our daily lives, slowing down and simply being together is a beautiful alternative. Attention equals connection, and when we offer this to tamariki we receive the same. It’s a two-for-one special.  

In our caring and parenting there can be a lot of doing. There are tasks to be done, places to be, schedules to meet, and in that busy-ness we tend to put our blinkers on and focus on the jobs at hand. But caring and parenting is not just a job, it is a relationship. If we can switch from doing to simply being with our tamariki, in the magic of the moment, we put beauty above being busy. Everything else can be paused and we tune in to only them.  

What have they chosen to do at this moment in time? How are they responding to the world around them right now? We can get on their level, take their lead and see what lights them up.  

We can just enjoy their presence without any expectation from them.  

How relaxing and refreshing for both parties! 

It is not every moment of every day that we can give children our full attention. That’s not possible or even desirable. But there certainly are times we can hop off that busy train, lose our sense of distraction and be all theirs. We can exhale our stresses and inhale their presence, exactly as they are in that moment. It gives us a breather when the pace of life feels dizzying. It puts us back in touch with joy when we feel bogged down by all the parenting jobs. And it reminds us that the ordinary moments with our tamariki are in fact not ordinary at all. They are the perfect ground for growing a magical relationship.  

Childcare that begins and ends with loving care