Family Services

Childcare Family services

Our Family Services portfolio was introduced at the beginning of 2016, having identified the need to provide a range of supports to families, centres and our team. In Kindercare’s mission statement, we commit to “providing outstanding early childhood care and education”, and to “develop each child’s full potential”.

In our experience, the challenges facing some families impact their children – and in order to ensure the best outcomes for children, we saw value in putting together a team with the skills, resources and inter-agency connections to provide a confidential intervention service that could make a difference for each child.

The role of the Family Services team ranges from talking with parents/care givers, consulting with teachers, observing children to making referrals to various agencies, putting support plans in place, resourcing families and our staff, and offering parenting tips and workshops to compliment what families and our centres are already doing.

Triple P Parenting Program 

Triple P, or Positive Parenting Program, is a parent and family support system that provides simple, practical strategies which parents can implement in their homes and lives. Triple P gives parents the tools and knowledge to develop and build strong, healthy relationships with their children by identifying, managing and preventing emotional and behavioural problems. The program’s focus is on developing positive relationships, attitudes and conduct so that parents feel supported in creating a family environment where their children are encouraged to reach their potential.

At all Kindercare centres, team members are trained in Triple P. We encourage our families to chat to us if they have any concerns and in partnership with them, we let them know that Triple P is available, should they wish to explore this. It’s an incredible benefit to our families and we see success for parents dealing with emotional or behavioural problems they are experiencing with their child.