Annual Holiday and Sick Leave Policy


This policy has been established to assist families with the financial outlay for childcare when families spend time together on holiday and the unpredictability of children’s absences due to illness.

Policy Details

The following policy applies from 1 December 2011 until further notice.

The Kindercare leave year commences on 1 December and ends on 30 November.

  • All children will be entitled to a maximum of 4 weeks leave (holiday and sick leave combined) per year from 1 December each year based on their current enrolment— refer entitlement below
  • Children who start during the year will be allocated proportionate leave.
  • A $2 holding fee applies per day of absence except where a child is absent for more than 3 consecutive weeks and up to 4 consecutive weeks. 50% of the normal fee will apply for the number of absent days taken during the 4th week.
  • Additional leave days taken above the 4 weeks entitlement will incur the full fee applicable to a child’s current enrolment.
  • Parents must advise the centre when they want absences deducted from their entitlement and the $2 per day fee to apply. Otherwise, normal fees will apply.
  • Normal fees will apply to Statutory Holidays unless parents specifically request they be deducted from available leave entitlement.
  • An ‘absent note’ must be completed if a child is/will be absent for a week or more.
  • If you transfer your child to/from another Kindercare centre, any outstanding leave entitlement will remain available for your child.
  • Upon re-enrolment within the same holiday year any unused entitlement for that holiday year will be re-instated less an amount in proportion to the time the child was not enrolled. Otherwise Clause 2 applies.
  • Leave entitlement not used by 30th November each year will not be carried forward.
  • The $2.00 per day charge is an administrative fee, over and above any government subsidies.

Enrolled Days per week

X Weeks

= Leave Entitlement

5 days 4 20 days
4 days 4 16 days
3 days 4 12 days
2 days 4 8 days
1 day 4 4 days​​​​​​​


Last Review date: 13 March 2018

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